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It’s surprising that it took until 2019 for Apple to release its own rewards credit card, but they did it nonetheless. With its instantaneous signup process, the card has become a popular option for anybody looking to crank up their debt. But what does it have to offer? What are the downsides? Let’s take a look at the Apple Card and see if it’s worth adding to the collection.

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What Is the Apple Card?

The Apple Card is just what it sounds like: a credit card from Apple. The card is digital (though a physical one is available) and lives in Apple Pay, which means you can get approved for one and start using it in roughly five minutes. Because this is done through Goldman Sachs, you have the option to open a 4.15% APY savings account with the card.

Apple Card Pros

There are, admittedly, some nice perks. There’s no annual fee or foreign transaction fee, which is helpful, and the cash back program on eligible purchases is substantial. You can earn 3% cash back on all Apple products and 2% on everything else as long as you’re paying through Apple Pay. Certain partners, like select gas stations, Panera, Uber, and Nike, also entitle you to 3% cash back. A fun little perk here is that the card allows you to finance all new Apple products, interest-free, while still earning bonuses.

In addition, the Apple Card features “Apple Card Family,” a way to merge credit lines between two partners and share a joint account. While you can cancel your account at any time, be advised that you’ll need to do this over the phone. A nightmare in 2023, for sure.

Perhaps best of all, though, is the Daily Cash program. Though chances are high you’re not making purchases big enough to be worth much, each day Apple will stick your cash back into Apple Cash (Apple’s Venmo, basically). Other cash back credit cards can make you wait months before seeing any rewards — a daily cash drop is a delight.

Apple Card Cons

The biggest drawback lies with the interest. The APR falls between 15-26%, based on your credit limits. 26% is no picnic, so before applying for the Apple Card, consider how much you’ll actually use it — maybe you can even pay your interest with the rewards that you accrue.

What People Are Saying

NerdWallet is loving this thing, handing it a 4.5/5 in their official review. They cite being a die-hard Apple fan as the biggest reason to get one, which makes sense. WalletHub and Bankrate also praised the rewards program, though predictably, Redditors are divided. One user sums up the experience pretty well: “I got tired of chasing cash back/points and juggling multiple cards. At this time I value simplicity over figuring out how to get the most cash back on my purchases. The UI for the Apple Card is probably the best I’ve ever used. Am I leaving money on the table? Yeah, probably. But I don’t care as it does not directly affect my life.”

My Experience

I have been an Apple user all my life, and it’s safe to say I’m not switching sides any time soon. I’m too deep in at this point. Since I pay for Apple One, I figured consistent, recurring charges would be a good reason to give the card a shot. Having used it a few times already, the daily cash back is fun, though it’s only a few cents that comes in every day. Hardly enough for a vacation fund.

Another deciding factor for me is that my laptop is essentially in hospice. It’s entirely likely I’ll need to drop a bunch of money on a new MacBook some time soon, and I’d much rather finance one through the Apple Card than drop a few thousand all at once.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pay with the Apple Card?

You’ll need to add your card to Apple Pay so that you can pay with your phone. Unlike most rewards cards, you can only hit those 3% goodies when paying through the app.

How do you pay your Apple Card bill?

To pay, head to your Apple Wallet app, select your card, and tap “Pay Now.” There’s also an option to schedule automatic payments from your bank account if you don’t want to have to think about it.

Does the Apple Card offer a physical card?

It does — the titanium Apple Card is free to order, and any time you swipe it, you’ll get 1% cash back. While the digital card offers higher rewards, the physical card is a helpful option for places that don’t accept Apple Pay. You can have one sent to you for free via the app.

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