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Taco Bell was once a go-to destination for cheap eats, but those looking for $1 tacos and other discount deals may want to head elsewhere (or, more realistically and inexpensively, eat at home). As it has everywhere else, inflation pricing has hit the Bell. 

Not surprisingly, social media has noticed. As @Christinadjb tweeted, "I’m in shock. I knew prices have gone up, but this? $29 for Taco Bell for lunch. 6 tacos, 2 pintos and cheese and two medium drinks. We can’t eat at restaurants anymore. It’s too expensive. WTF has happened?" Exactly.

A TikTok user, @thediaryofrihanna, mused, "Is it just me or is Taco Bell kind of expensive now? I feel like you used to be able to order a ton of food, it was always under $20. It was always, like, $17 no matter how much food you ordered. Now it's, like, kind of expensive." Apparently, some people agreed, as the post has gotten more than 55,000 views. 

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@thediaryofrihanna Whats Joe Biden’s plan to lower #tacobell prices? #fastfood ♬ original sound - Rihanna

But where you get your Taco Bell may make a difference. As @casmation points out, New York isn't ridiculously more expensive than Houston, but it is pricier. Though some menu items are quite a bit cheaper in Texas, "for most things, you're spending about a dollar more ... That makes sense, you live in New York."

Want to save some cash, if not time? Roll up a crunch wrap or taco at home. There are tons of dupe recipes on the internet. Or, you know, complain on your social media account. That's always a choice.

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