Is Starbucks Open on Thanksgiving

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It's Thanksgiving. The family and friends are over for the big feast, and you barely slept last night thinking of all there was to get in the oven. There's no doubt that this holiday is special — and stressful. If you find yourself flagging at any point — or just want a yummy latte or frappuccino to reward yourself for all that hard work in the kitchen — you might wonder: Is Starbucks open on Thanksgiving? Let us answer that for you!

Is Starbucks Open on Thanksgiving?

The good news is that most Starbucks locations will be open on Thanksgiving Day, according to the company’s website. While that link details Starbucks' 2022 hours, we don't expect that the behemoth coffee chain will change its policy regarding Thanksgiving hours in 2023 (and we'll update you here if it does). 

That said, store hours likely vary by location and some stores may adjust hours based on business and customer needs. For that reason, customers should check the exact Thanksgiving hours of their nearest Starbucks via the store locator feature or the Starbucks app. Or, you know, get a cousin, sibling, or significant other to call the local store directly (and make the coffee run for you).

So, yes, rejoice and give thanks for being able to get your outsourced coffee fix on a major holiday. And even if you don't make it to Starbucks early in the day, you might still be able to grab a venti cup of something heavily caffeinated later as you start to prep for the Black Friday sales that come right on Thanksgiving's heels.

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