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Every carbonation addict’s eyebrows perked up when they first heard of SodaStream machines. Using a plastic bottle, tap water, and a CO2 canister, having bubbly water and fizzy drinks at home became as easy as pressing a button.

The ability to save money on soda or sparkling water by making it at home is incredibly appealing, but how realistic is it? Is SodaStream cost effective? Reddit user u/analogpursuits ventured to find out when they asked the masses what they thought.

SodaStream Is Worth It, Some Say

“You can save a significant amount of money and reduce the amount of waste you produce by getting a soda stream,” one user writes, referring only to plain, unflavored seltzer water. “My house drinks tons of fizzy water and it's so much easier with this setup.”

Another Redditor, citing that they use it for diet cola and lime sparkling water, has positive things to say. “I like mine a lot.”

Others Think SodaStream Is a Waste of Money

If you’re in this to drink soda, you might want to consider just what type of soda drinker you are. Are you the type of person who will happily drink an off-brand cola rather than a Coke? That’s what you’ll be making at home. 

“I used to live on Diet Coke, so I got one thinking I could save money,” one user mentions before adding, “I gave it away two months later.” Another Redditor says they had a SodaStream but hated the cartridges: “They always ran out at the wrong time & they’re expensive!”

Others mention that it’s better to opt for more expensive brands like Aarke Carbonator and Sparkel.

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Does a SodaStream Save You Money?

Let’s compare the price of flavored soda from a soda maker to seltzer from the grocery store. Most SodaStream models have an initial cost of around $100 ($150 for the upgraded model) and use CO2 canisters that cost $30 each. If you choose to use SodaStream’s exchange program, those canisters become about $15 each.

Adding flavor increases the cost. Bubly, for example, sells a six-bottle pack of "flavor drops" on Amazon for $24; each bottle has enough drops for 12 liters of soda. If an eight-pack of Bubly Sparkling Water from a store costs around $4 for a little less than three liters, the SodaStream is making three times that amount for the same price.

While it seems like a no-brainer when it comes to price, it’s important to keep in mind you’ll have to be plowing through a lot of seltzer before you’ve recouped the cost from the machine itself, plus frequent canister replacements (depending on the level of carbonation you like). 

So is a SodaStream worth it? If you drink a ton of sparkling water or don't mind generic soda, it seems like the answer is yes. But if you're particular about your beverages and don't drink bubbly water frequently, you'd be wise to skip it. 

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