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When Thanksgiving rolls around, a few last-minute dashes to the store may be in order before hosting family and friends. Whether you need to pick up some extra cranberry sauce, snag a box of mashed potatoes (hey, we're not judging), or refill a prescription, CVS is often considered a convenient one-stop shop. But is CVS open on Thanksgiving? Read on to find out more about the retailer’s holiday hours.

CVS Thanksgiving Hours in 2023

Thanksgiving Day can be hectic, and having access to a local CVS can be a lifesaver. While many retailers and grocery stores such as Target and Trader Joe's close their doors to give employees time with their families, CVS has been known to stay open on Thanksgiving with adjusted holiday hours.

This year is no different. A representative for the company told The Pioneer Woman that most — though not all — CVS locations will remain open on Thanksgiving, which falls on November 23 this year. To find out if your local outpost is open on Turkey Day, be sure to give them a call ahead of time or check the CVS store locator on their website. Some may be operating on reduced hours, and CVS Pharmacies and Minute Clinics often run on a different schedule from the rest of the store. Some 24-hour CVS locations may continue to operate as usual, but again, it's best to confirm ahead of time.

Looking to take advantage of CVS's Black Friday deals? These sales often start on Thanksgiving Day, so keep your eyes peeled for discounts on gifts and holiday essentials while picking up any last-minute items.

The Bottom Line

If you find yourself in need of a quick trip to CVS on Thanksgiving, you're likely in luck: You can generally expect to have the convenience of CVS at your service on the holiday. Just remember to plan ahead and confirm your local CVS's Thanksgiving hours so you can make your holiday shopping experience a stress-free one.

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