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If you were looking forward to the summer party season kicking up after a long harsh winter, you may be sorely disappointed this year. Those weekly cookouts, pool parties, and fancy summer events may be a thing of the past thanks to inflation draining everyone’s wallets.

According to a recent survey by Lombardo Homes, about one in four Americans have been going to fewer parties, and 44% are hosting fewer parties due to expenses.

Throwing a party isn’t cheap under the best circumstances, but we get it — when your dollar isn’t going as far as it used to, who wants to pay for everybody else to celebrate? 

​​The survey found that Americans spend, on average, $259 when hosting a party. But thanks to inflation, they're providing less food and alcohol, throwing more potlucks, and inviting fewer people when hosting a gathering.

Though high prices are making life more expensive, three in five people still felt that it’s rude for a host to ask their guests to pay for food and drinks. The survey also found that elder groups thought BYOB was more rude than younger generations. 

Other tidbits from the study: Nearly half of the people surveyed are over hosting parties at their home due to costs, and we can’t blame them. About half also feel like they don’t have a big enough space for parties as it is. 

When it comes to wedding season, people are just as pissed about costs. Eighty-two percent think the events leading up to the wedding — bachelor parties, showers, and whatever else the couple dreams up — are getting too damn expensive. And don’t even think about charging wedding guests for food; 93% surveyed say that would just be totally, ridiculously rude. Speaking of rude, 45% think wedding guests should pay for themselves if they RSVP yes and then don't show. 

The list of things annoying people about parties goes on and on, and we're beginning to understand why no one wants to deal with it right now. 

The survey found that 41% of Americans think it’s rude for hosts to ask guests to bring food and drinks. Yet 66% also believe hosts should ask about dietary restrictions. Sixty-two percent of people felt hosts should have food for those who are gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian.

And just because you provided food for people with special diets, it doesn’t give them the right to take that or any other leftovers they want without asking, says those surveyed. Fifty-two percent thought it was downright tacky. But 39% thought it was tacky for hosts to keep all the leftovers without offering any to guests. 

Finding out what people really think about parties is enough for us to forget about hosting one for a long, long time. Who needs the drama? 

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