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Got a Billy bookshelf that's just taking up space? A Lack coffee table you no longer need? You may be able to sell them right back to Ikea.

As part of a sustainability initiative, Ikea is expanding its Buy Back and Resell program to all 37 of its U.S. stores. The service, which allows customers to find new life for their old Ikea furniture, had been tested at a number of U.S. locations since last year. It has also been offered outside the U.S. since late 2020.

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Customers who belong to Ikea's free loyalty program, Ikea Family, can sell unwanted Ikea items back to participating stores in exchange for store credit, ranging from 30% to 50% of the item's original sale price, depending on condition. Those items will go on sale in the store's As-Is section, where saggy floor models, excess pillow cases, and other Ikea misfits sell for cheap. Items must be fully assembled and in good working condition.  

To participate, customers must fill out a form online to receive a quote for their buy-back value. They can then bring the quote, buy-back number, and item to Ikea for an in-person assessment. Ikea employees will inspect furniture based on age and functionality, and they will reject anything that was previously recalled or poses a safety hazard, including chests of drawers that may fall on children without being attached to the wall. Other items Ikea won't buy back include upholstered or leather products, sofas or armchairs, bed frames, and children's furniture.

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Ikea recently revealed that the As-Is section would be expanding as part of a store redesign that could eventually take away the chain's signature maze-like layout. 

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