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Known for its wide selection of sleek designs, affordable pricing, and delicious cafeteria-style meals (those meatballs are to die for), Ikea's popularity only continues to climb. From everyday interior design enthusiasts to high-profile designers, the Swedish company has cemented its status as the place to go for budget-friendly ways to furnish a home. 

Since opening its first U.S. store in 1985, Ikea has gained a reputation for having a generous return policy and pretty great customer service. But shoppers may be unaware that aside from having your furniture delivered, you can pay an additional fee and have it assembled.

As someone who used to live on the fifth-floor of an elevator-less building in New York City, Ikea's delivery service was not only much needed — it was a lifesaver. What would have taken me and my roommate hours if not days to do took two burly men less than an hour to complete. It is well worth the extra cost, especially if you're fully furnishing a new home, as I was. 

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Before you head over to Ikea for your next furniture dive, here's everything you need to know about its delivery and assembly options:

  • Small Packages Ship for $6 

While Ikea does not offer free shipping, it has pricing options for delivery that start low. If you've found a small item on Ikea's website and don't feel like going through the warehouse's well-known maze to find it, you can have it delivered to your home for as little as $6. 

Though the website doesn't specify what "small" items are, it advises customers that items need to be small enough to be packaged and shipped with standard couriers such as FedEx. Costs will also vary depending on distance to the shipping address and your desired time of delivery. 

If you're looking just for smaller accessories such as accent pieces, picture frames, and hangers, ordering from Ikea's website could be a good option. You don't have to be home to receive small packages, and no signature is required. 

  • Large Items Ship for $49 ($39 for Ikea Family members)

Larger products that you've bought online or in-store can be shipped to your doorstep via contactless delivery for a flat fee of $49. Rates may change depending on the distance to the delivery address from Ikea's closest distribution center, and Ikea will not bring your items inside — if you need furniture dropped in a room, rates will start at $69.

While $49 may seem like a lot just for shipping, it's a flat fee that will cover multiple items. When you think about having entire sets of dining, bedroom, and living room furniture delivered for 50 bucks, that's a pretty sweet deal. 

You can choose a 12-hour delivery window; Ikea will notify you when the driver is nearby, as someone must be home to sign for larger deliveries. 

  • Home Delivery Starts at $79 ($69 for Ikea Family members)

If you live in a walk-up building (New York City peeps, we feel your pain) or for whatever reason cannot get your furniture inside your home, Ikea offers in-home delivery for $79. For an extra $10, you can choose next-day delivery. 

You'll need to specify which room you want your furniture in, and be sure to have the room empty for when the movers arrive.

  • Assembly Fees Start at $39

By partnering with TaskRabbit, Ikea also offers assembly services for newly bought furniture. Fees start at $39 and vary depending on the volume and size of the items. You can get price estimates and book an assembly date and time directly through the TaskRabbit app, or in-store at Ikea. 

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