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We all know that good ol' IHOP serves a lot more than pancakes, but have you ever considered it might serve steak tartare and ceviche, too? 

It's true: The International House of Pancakes isn't all about the stacks. While a rep for IHOP told Cheapism that it doesn't have a secret menu, you can find plenty of references to off-the-menu dishes. Take a look at these seven wild IHOP secret menu hacks, which stretch far deeper into the culinary universe than any of us could possibly have imagined.

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FRENCH STEAK TARTARE, raw meat dishPhoto credit: Fani Kurti/istockphoto

Steak Tartare

IHOP's version isn’t actually steak tartare, but it is a just-barely-cooked steak dish. Just ask for the tartare version of the Philly cheese steak. IHOP serves it with egg yolk, capers, and onions, like a traditional tartare setup. I can’t believe what I just wrote. 

Spinach and Asparagus Risotto

That’s right. Risotto. The dish that has famously sent scores of “Top Chef” contestants home lives on the secret menu at the International House of Pancakes.

Patagonian Prawn Ceviche

You’re a much braver person than me if you’re eating ceviche from IHOP. This requires a four-hour notice. And probably several hundred antacids.

Beautiful Multicolored Macarons in Gift BoxPhoto credit: sdstockphoto/istockphoto

Red Velvet White Chocolate Cheesecake Macaroons

It's a surprise that this isn't on the regular menu, considering how popular macarons are. All you gotta do is ask for ‘em.

Onion and French Fry Omelet

Technically, you could order a custom omelet any way you want at IHOP, but would you have thought about French fries as on option on your own? I sure wouldn’t have.

Warm Syrup

This is more of an IHOP menu hack than an actual secret menu item, but you better have a big tip prepared if you’re gonna ask your server to warm up your syrup. 

Roquefort and Pear Soufflé

They’ve got Roquefort cheese back there in that kitchen? I really thought I knew IHOP, but clearly I don’t know a damn thing.

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