Starbucks Order Hack

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There are two types of people at Starbucks: those who know exactly what to say when they're ordering and those who look at those people with a dazed look on their faces. If your spouse, friend, or coworker is the former and you're the latter, you've probably found yourself in a pickle if you've ever tried to grab them their morning coffee at Starbies. One forgotten "and add two pumps of..." and you've ruined the entire thing. 

Never fear, Cameron Denny (@cmrndny on Instagram) has a Starbucks hack that will save you a whole lot of hassle.

Forget writing down the order or trying to remember some elaborate Starbucks secret menu order. Forget calling someone while you're in the drive-thru and repeating what they say to you word-for-word. Instead, Denny has a recording saved to his phone of his wife ordering her go-to Starbucks drink. 

He might meet a confused face when he gets to the drive-thru window and says, "Thank you" in an entirely different voice than the one he ordered the drink with, but it beats getting the drink order wrong every single time.

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