Save on Clothing Without Sacrificing Style: 10 Tips and Tricks

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Look Your Best

Looking fashionable and put-together doesn't always have to break the bank. According to these thrifty Redditors, shopping smart and discovering clearance and thrifting gems can help you breathe new life into your wardrobe without spending a fortune. 

Here are 10 tips from stylish shoppers to help you snag the best deals on clothes —  without compromising on style.

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Browse Sites Like ThreadUp, eBay, and PoshMark

"I'll occasionally find some used clothes on eBay," writes one user, adding, "I highly recommend knowing your sizes. You can get a $2 measuring tape (like they use for crafts) and check the sizes of the items that already fit you well." The Redditor also advises checking whether the seller accepts returns in case the items don't fit well. "I also buy on Poshmark & eBay and have had good luck," writes another user.


Shop Clearance

Shopping clearance is a savvy strategy to score the best deals on clothes, Redditors say. By browsing clearance racks or online sales, you can often find stylish items at significantly discounted prices. "Shop the clearance section, [there are] good deals there," writes one user, before calling us all out for spending money on unnecessary things. "Distinguish wants from needs. You want new clothes, but do you need them?" Touché, my friend. 

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Step Up Your Coupon Game

While couponing can seem tedious, it can sometimes help you unlock hefty savings, Redditors say. One user notes that you can stack coupon codes in order to get the biggest discounts, adding that certain websites such as Slickdeals will often aggregate different deals to help you save on clothing and other items. 

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Check Thrift and Consignment Stores

Thrifting was, by far, the most widely-shared tip. "You will literally find some items in thrift stores [that are] brand new with tags still attached," writes one user, adding, "It’s just things [people] have donated, whatever the condition. There are definitely great finds out there." 

Most users agreed with this strategy, with one Redditor sharing how they "bought a pair of jeans that fit perfectly, and are in fantastic condition." The cherry on top? The jeans were 50% off, so they only had to pay $2 for them. 

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Do a Clothing Swap

Partaking in clothing swaps is another great way to save money on clothes that suit your style, Redditors claim. By exchanging garments with friends or organizing community swaps, you can refresh your wardrobe with new pieces — all for free — while promoting sustainability and fostering a sense of community. "Some of my favorite blazers for work have come from clothing swaps," one user writes. 

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Shop in the Kids Section

Browsing the kids section is another little-known money-saving hack, Redditors say. For example, a women's small can translate to an XL or XXL in a children's size, and the same goes for shoes. "I do this all the time," writes one user, adding, "I'm 5 feet tall exactly and usually go for boys' XL for T-shirts and jackets for sale. They fit better than women's (extra small) and look more mature than girls' XL." 

Though children's clothes tend to be cheaper than adult clothing, remember to try the items on to be sure they fit well and will flatter your body type. 

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Pay Attention to Quality

"Buy quality over quantity," advises one Redditor, noting how spending an extra $50 on a pair of higher-quality pants will last longer than a pair that disintegrates after a few washes. The user adds that being selective with their shopping has allowed them to still wear clothes they've owned since they were 13 years old. 

While the upfront costs may be steeper for high-quality items, these garments are made to withstand frequent wear and washing — ultimately saving you money.

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Breathe Life Into Old Clothes

Another good way to make your clothes last longer is by taking up basic sewing and learning how to fix small holes and snags when they appear. "Always wash according to the care label and if you start to see faults, it's better to fix them sooner," writes one Redditor, adding that it's important to learn about different materials since "some are more sturdy than others and certain materials blend better with others." 

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Use Fabric Shavers

Using a good fabric shaver can be another efficient way to extend the lifespan of your clothes. Designed to remove pilling from clothing to make it look new again, fabric shavers use gently rotating blades to shave off the accumulated pills and fuzz on the fabric's surface, helping to give your clothes (and rugs) a second chance at life. Wondering which ones are good? We reviewed a couple to help you choose. 

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Ask for a Discount on Faulty Clothes

If you come across clothes with minor rips or imperfections, don't be shy about asking the store for a discount. Many retailers are willing to offer a reduced price on damaged items. While shopping, be sure to pay close attention to seams, pockets, and cuffs for any hidden or hard-to-see stains. "I've gotten discounts for clothes if I pointed out loose threads or hems that I could easily fix at home," notes one Redditor.

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