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Are Double Stuf Oreos not doing it for you? Something about the birthday cake flavor not sitting quite right? Need to crank up your party favor game? 

If any of these questions are resonating, then Oreo’s latest trick will be of interest. Meet OREOiD, an online system designed for ordering custom Oreos.

The ability to customize your own Oreos is a dream. As we all know, they're perfect cookies. The only problem? It ain’t cheap.

How Much Are Custom Oreos?

Curious how much custom Oreos cost? Mamma mia. They're incredibly expensive, especially when you consider that a standard box of Oreos usually costs less than five bucks.

You can get customized Oreos for $3 a piece, but you’ll need to grab a minimum order of 20, bringing your total to $60. For a four-OREOiD gift box, you’ll pay a whopping $21. A gift box featuring a dozen OREOiD cookies will run you $40, and 24 of them will cost a chill $76.

That just … can’t be worth it.

custom oreo pricesPhoto credit: Mondelez International

How Does It Work?

The website will guide you through everything you need, step by step. Once you’re done choosing your cream, cookie type, sprinkles, and more, you can add the cookies to your cart and have the custom-made Oreos shipped to your door. Move over, regular chocolate chip cookie

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custom oreo sprinklesPhoto credit: Mondelez International

What Customization Options Are There?

Your first choice is to choose between classic creme filling or birthday cake filling.

Then you’ll choose which fudge you want your cookie dipped in: classic or white chocolate. Sprinkles come next, with eight color options to choose from, as well as a full rainbow spectrum.

After that, the insanity begins. Not only are you able to customize the flavor, you can add your own photos and logos to the cookies. There are a ton of premade, holiday, and birthday designs in the system, too. 

What a time to be alive.

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