Homemade candles


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Do the prices of nice-smelling candles make you sigh deeply and just hope your house smells OK without them? One TikToker has a solution. For just slightly more than the cost of one Anthropolgie candle, she can make "kajillions" of homemade candles that smell just the same. 

TikToker meredith.mcdonald.stein does caution DIYers they will need to do some math to make candles and will have to invest in vessels, which she finds at local thrift stores. While her TikTok didn't mention this, if you're using glass for candle-making vessels, make sure they're made from tempered glass to prevent heat-related shattering. Not sure? You can't go wrong with using canning jars, which can withstand high heat.

Also on the shopping list? Wax, scent, and wicks, most of which can be found online or at a local craft store for cheap. You'll also need a thermometer and a scale. There are additional items such as wick stands and wick stickers, but the TikTok says you can skip these and improvise if you need to.

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While weighing scents and melting wax may not be your preferred pastime, if you love Blue Volcano-scented candles at Anthropologie, this might be a money-saving hack worth exploring. The Capri Blue Volcano Matt Jar Candle at the store will set you back $36, and the set of six Capri Blue Volcano votives are $22. This TikToker says she's found a convincing dupe for the scent and buying all the supplies to make a "kajillion" candles was just $50. 

While you won't have the pricey label, these candles will still make your home smell amazing, and you'll have the extra cash to spend on other luxuries. 

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