How to Sell Your Stuff: 8 Tips From Craigslist

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This time of year, the number of "for sale" and "garage sale" postings on Craigslist doubles as people wrap up their spring cleaning, according to the classified-ad giant. It can be challenging to stand out among so much competition, so Craigslist has shared with Cheapism eight tips for getting the most out of an online posting or a yard sale.

Craigslist Tip #2:

Balance creativity with clarity in your post. You want to capture people's attention but also provide a clear description of what you are selling. Be sure to include the dimensions of each item and any additional details that might prove helpful.

Craigslist Tip #3:

Include images in your posts. Potential buyers will be more likely to click through to one of your items and may even search only for items with images. Use pictures you've taken of the exact items you're selling, instead of pulling photos from websites or linking to similar items online.

Craigslist Tip #4:

Price your items right. Do some research into the market for each item you are selling and be willing to negotiate and barter.

Craigslist Tip #5:

When posting an ad for a garage sale, include a list all of the items for sale. You can also post details about items that may particularly interest buyers.

Craigslist Tip #6:

If you sell your stuff offline, have the sale outdoors with family and friends. Don't invite anyone into your home or yard when you're alone and keep your doors locked during a garage sale, because you're likely be distracted.

Craigslist Tip #7:

Don't accept any method of payment other than cash at a garage sale. And don't leave your stash sitting out in a cash box; carry it with you.

Craigslist Tip #8:

Be open to meeting new friends. A Craigslist spokesperson says they've heard countless stories about people meeting friends and significant others while buying or selling items via Craigslist. Be friendly!

*Take common sense precautions online as well. Familiarize yourself with Craigslist's safety tips and common online scams.

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