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Sure, we all take those little bottles of shampoo and conditioner from the hotel when we get them (don't we?), but apparently, that's not the limit for most people. According to a recent study of 1,000 people by Passport-Photo.Online, 87% of respondents had taken something from their rooms at least once — and 26% nick something every time they stay. What they take, though, may surprise you. (Hint: It's not just the complimentary shampoo.) 

So, what are people nicking? According to a survey of 1,157 4- and 5-star hotels by Wellness Heaven, the big winner is towels (77% of respondents copped to stealing these), followed by bathrobes, hangers, pens, and cutlery. But 6.1% said they've walked out of their hotels with TV sets, and that's not the biggest (or weirdest) item. Pianos, mattresses, toilet seats, and even stuffed animals have been filched.

And while 35% of hotels simply charge thieves for what they take, they may want to cast a suspicious eye at older patrons. The Passport-Photo.Online survey noted that only 80% of 25-year-olds admitted to stealing, while 91% of people aged 55 and over did. The older set is apparently better at stealing, too. While 84% of people aged 25 or younger have been caught stealing by the hotel, just 62% of people aged 55 and over have been. Still, those Boomers who do get caught stealing face stiffer consequences — 41% were prosecuted for their crime, while 28% of the younger folks were merely blacklisted from the hotel.

If this sounds like the end of American society as we know it, there's some hope. An impressive 84% regret stealing from hotels. At least they feel bad about that soap dish.

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