10 Home Security Mistakes You're Probably Making



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Here's a startling stat: A burglary will occur as often as every 15 seconds within the United States. This works out to upwards of 4,800 burglaries every day. To make matters more unnerving, as much as 27.6% of these burglaries occur while someone is home.

No matter where you live, there's always going to be a risk that your home might end up being targeted by a burglar. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can avoid doing to ensure that your home security setup is as foolproof as possible. 

Here are some of the most common home security mistakes people make. 

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1. Not Upgrading Your Home Security Tech

With all of the smart home alarms and security cameras on the market, there's really no excuse to skip out on sophisticated home security tech. However, even if you have a state of the art home alarm, you'll want to make sure that it's in operation after an event like a power outage. 

Additionally, make sure that you keep up with any software updates that are rolled out for your particular home security device. If you fail to do so, you might end up being targeted for a cybersecurity attack, which could render your home security system useless. 

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2. Lack Of Outdoor Lighting

You’re not going to find any burglars that are interested in being exposed as they break into a home. Outdoor lights are crucial in warding off unwanted visitors. Without outdoor lights, it’s that much easier for a burglar to sneak up on your home. And even if you have a camera set up, a lack of lighting makes it more difficult to identify a burglar's face. 

Our tip: Invest in motion-sensor lights, which are incredibly effective in lighting up your yard. Those very lights could be just what you need to catch a burglar unaware and send them fleeing from your home in a panic.

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3. Too Much Home Privacy

Yes, there can be such a thing as going overboard on your home's privacy. Sure, many people can appreciate the impressive aesthetic of having a home that's surrounded by beautiful trees, bushes, hedges, and other flora. 

However, these very hedges, trees, and bushes can serve as great hiding spots for any lurking burglars. Consider keeping your home's greenery maintained enough that you're still provided clear visibility around your home.

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4. Not Bothering To Know Your Neighbors

Not only can introducing yourself to your neighbors give way to unanticipated friendships, but getting to know your neighbors is an invaluable way to keep tabs on your home. In the event that there's any suspect behavior from unfamiliar faces around your home, you'll be able to count on your neighbors to let you know. 

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5. Assuming Your House Is Totally Safe During the Day

Nighttime gets all the attention for being the most unsafe, but daytime can also be ripe for burglars attempting break-ins — or even just scoping out a prospective home. In fact, ADT reports that the most common time frame for break-ins to occur is between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Be just as diligent about home security during the daytime as you would be when the sun goes down. 


6. Leaving Empty Packaging Outside

This particular mistake is an easy one to make. You buy something on the pricier side, then don't think twice about the implications of leaving the empty packaging on your curb when it's time for trash/recycling pickup. 

But consider the possibility of a prospective burglar walking by your home and spotting a pile of packaging that once held valuable new products. They'll immediately know that you have said products in your home, and may decide to target your home based on these observations. 

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7. Leaving Your Valuables Visible

Burglars will likely peer through windows to scope out what kinds of valuables might already be in plain sight. You're not alone if you leave some of your jewelry out on your dresser, but taking the extra step to simply tuck that jewelry away into a box or a safe can work wonders in terms of deterring any potential burglars. 

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8. Alarm System Placement

Taking the time to have an alarm system installed in your home is a big step in the right direction when it comes to checking off your home security boxes. However, you'll want to make sure that you don't have your alarm system control pad clearly visible through a first-floor window. If you do, it won't matter how many home security signs you have placed outside your home — if potential burglars can see that your actual alarm system is turned off, you're putting your security at risk. 

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9. Hiding Your Keys Outside

So many of us have fallen prey to this particular home security mistake. It's dangerously easy to get caught up in a rush, where you find yourself leaving your keys tucked under a doormat or in a potted plant somewhere just outside your home. If you opt for hiding your keys under a disguised item like an artificial rock, just make sure that you place that fake rock next to other real rocks to (hopefully) sell the show.

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10. Not Locking Your Garage

Many folks get so caught up in preparations for securing their home that the garage ends up going entirely neglected. Unfortunately, the garage can be a very easy access point for a burglar to gain entrance into your home. Not only should you always make sure to lock your garage, but you should also consider storing your garage door opener in your home, as opposed to in your car where a burglar could easily steal it.