Grace Kelly’s Family: Photos of Her Life, Grandkids, and More

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Grace Kelly With Children

She was born Grace Patricia Kelly on November 12, 1929, in Philadelphia. When she died in 1982, she was Princess Grace of Monaco. The Pennsylvania native first tasted fame during the golden age of television by starring in many shows during the 1950s. This would result in a film career of even greater renown. She would win an Academy Award for Best Actress in 1954 for The Country Girl, starred in three now-legendary Alfred Hitchcock movies (Dial M for Murder, Rear Window, To Catch a Thief), and starred opposite some of the most prominent stars of the era, including James Stewart, Cary Grant, and Alec Guinness.


It’s hard to think that her career was rather short. Grace Kelly retired from acting at age 26 to marry Prince Rainier III of Monaco. As Princess of Monaco, Grace and Rainier had three children – Princess Caroline, Prince Albert, and Princess Stéphanie. The three children would give Grace 11 grandchildren in total.


With her royal title, Grace worked on humanitarian efforts, focusing on helping young children and the arts. Sadly, her life was cut short in 1982. She suffered a small stroke while driving on Sept. 13th and lost control of her car. She died the next day due to injuries she sustained in the crash.


Nearly 40 years after her death, take a look back at Grace Kelly’s life, her legacy, and her family.

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Princess Grace With Daughter

Grace Kelly, seen here as Princess Grace Of Monaco, rides in a car with Princess Stephanie, age 10, in 1975. The photo was taken at London’s Heathrow Airport as they prepared for a private visit to Grace’s hometown of Philadelphia. 

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Princess Grace With Daughter Princess Caroline

Princess Grace, the former Grace Kelly, poses alongside daughter Princess Caroline in Ocean City, New Jersey. Grace retired from acting at age 26 to become Princess of Monaco. She started a family, and focused on humanitarian work until her final days. 


Grace Kelly’s Family

Here stands Grace Kelly’s legacy: her family and royal grandkids. This photo shows Princess Stephanie of Monaco, Princess Caroline of Hanover, Andrea Casiraghi, Charlotte Casiraghi, Pierre Casiraghi, and Princess Alexandra of Hanover on the balcony of the Royal Palace in Monte Carlo during Monaco’s National Day celebrations in 2011. 

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Grace Kelly’s Family Attends A Tribute To Her In 2017

Prince Albert II of Monaco, Princess Caroline of Hanover, Princess Stephanie of Monaco, her daughter Camille Marie Kelly Gottlieb, and Toby Boshak pose for a photo during the Tribute to Princess Grace in 2017. The event happened 35 years after her tragic death. 

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The Princess Grace Tribute In 2017

Prince Albert II of Monaco, Princess Caroline of Hanover, Princess Stephanie of Monaco, and her daughter Camille Marie Kelly Gottlieb, pose together at the Tribute to Princess Grace in 2017. Grace Kelly passed away in 1982 after crashing her car after suffering a stroke. Her husband, Prince Rainier III, never remarried. 

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Grace Kelly’s Grandson, Pierre Casiraghi

Pierre Casiraghi is one of Grace Kelly’s grandchildren. He is the son of Caroline, Princess of Hanover, and Stefano Casiraghi. This businessman/philanthropist is seen here attending the International Buhurt Prime Tournament in 2019. Buhurt is a full-contact martial art in which the combatants wear armor and use steel weapons made to historical medieval standards. 


Grace Kelly’s Grandchild, Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste

Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste is the son of Monaco’s Prince Albert II and Nicole Coste, a flight attendant. The couple never married, meaning that Alexandre doesn’t have a right to the throne. 


Grace Kelly’s Grandson, Andrea Casiraghi

Andrea Casiraghi is fourth in line to the throne of Monaco. Here, Princess Grace’s grandson attends the celebrations marking Monaco’s National Day at the Monaco Palace in Monaco in November 2019.

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Grace Kelly’s Granddaughter, Camille Marie Kelly Gottlieb

Camille Marie Kelly Gottlieb attends an Alter Design show during Paris Fashion Week in February 2020. She is the daughter of Princess Stéphanie of Monaco and Jean Raymond Gottlieb, a former palace guard. 

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Grace Kelly’s Granddaughter, Jazmin Grace Grimaldi

Jazmin Grace Grimaldi walks the red carpet ahead of Sony Pictures Classics and The Cinema Society’s special screening of The Burnt Orange Heresy in March 2020. She is the daughter of Prince Albert II and Tamara Rotolo. Because her parents never married, she doesn’t have a right to the throne. 


Grace Kelly’s Granddaughter, Pauline Ducruet

Pauline Ducruet poses on the red carpet ahead of the 2020 Monte-Carlo Gala for Planetary Health in Monaco in September 2020. She is the mind behind the fashion line, Alter. Her parents are Princess Stéphanie of Monaco and Daniel Ducruet. 

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Grace Kelly’s Granddaughter, Princess Alexandra of Hanover

Princess Alexandra of Hanover poses ahead of the Dior spring/summer 2021 show, part of Paris Fashion Week, in September 2020. She is the daughter of Caroline, Princess of Hanover and Prince Ernst August of Hanover.

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Grace Kelly’s Grandson, Louis Ducruet

Louis Ducruet poses on the red carpet ahead of the Sportel Monaco Sports Media Awards in October 2020. He is the son of Princess Stéphanie of Monaco and Daniel Ducruet, and is 15th in line for the throne. 

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Grace Kelly’s Grandchildren, Gabriella and Jacques

Prince Jacques of Monaco poses alongside his sister, Princess Gabriella of Monaco, at the Pirelli and Mark Dickens art project, part of the 2021 Monaco Grand Prix. These twins are children of Prince Albert II, and his wife Charlene, Princess of Monaco. 

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Members of Grace Kelly’s Family In July 2021

Everyone smile! Gareth Wittstock, Roisin Wittstock, Princess Caroline of Hanover, Prince Albert II of Monaco, Charlotte Casiraghi Rassam, Andrea Casiraghi, Tatiana Santo Domingo, Beatrice Borromeo and Pierre Casiraghi all pose ahead of the Red Cross Summer concert in Monte Carlo, Monaco in July 2021. 

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Grace Kelly’s Granddaughter, Charlotte Casiraghi

Charlotte Casiraghi poses ahead of Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2022 show as part of Paris Fashion Week in October 2021. As the daughter of Princess Caroline of Hanover and Stefano Casiraghi, Charlotte is eleventh in line for the throne. 

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