11 Historic Route 66 Gas Stations Worth a Pit Stop

Historic Route 66 Gas Stations Worth a Pit Stop

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Historic Route 66 Gas Stations Worth a Pit Stop
Cheapism; Pernellevoyage / TripAdvisor; Cherie P / TripAdvisor; Brian_in_Reno / TripAdvisor

Fill 'Er Up

There are attractions for everyone on America's historic Route 66. Some people love the charming motels, some like the diners and cafes, and some love the endless scenery. But there's one other common roadside site that people love: vintage filling stations.

Route 66 is littered with historic gas stations, and many have been restored, turned into museums or attractions, and even designated historical sites. Here are some of the most popular filling stations that give big Americana vibes.  

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Ambler's Texaco station
Tony_Corner / TripAdvisor
Soulsby's Service station
Lin0515 / TripAdvisor

2. Soulsby's Service

Mount Olive, IL

Henry Soulsby designed and built this service station himself in 1926 when he learned a national highway would soon pass through the town. Business boomed, even during the Great Depression. His children, Ola and Russell, eventually took over operations until Ola died in 1996. It's since been restored to its post-World War II heyday.

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Gay Parita Sinclair filling station
Andrew A / TripAdvisor

3. Gary's Gay Parita

Ashgrove, MO

Though this gas station is a replica of the original built in 1930 by Fred Mason, it still retains all kinds of charm. Mason named the station after his wife, Gay, and it operated until 1955 when it burned down. Fast forward to 2005, and Gary Turner and his wife, Lena, decided to rebuild it, hence the name. Today, their daughter still operates the attraction and all its antiques. 

Cars on the Route
Tonya V / TripAdvisor

4. Cars on the Route

Galena, KS

It was a rusty old tow truck parked at this gas station that inspired the director and animator of Pixar's "Cars" to create the character of Tow Mater. The station itself is a restored 1934 with a little gift shop inside, but it's the "Cars"-like vintage vehicles complete with faces and names that really bring the people in here.

Gearhead Curios
Gearhead Curios / TripAdvisor

5. Gearhead Curios

Galena, KS

Another pump in Galena, this Texaco station is from 1939. Check out the vintage pumps outside, and the small gift shop inside. The Big Boy statue and the big American flag made out of license plates are both popular photo ops, as is the 1951 Hudson Hornet parked next to the building. 

Seaba Station Motorcycle museum
Steven Van Worth / TripAdvisor

6. Seaba Station Motorcycle Museum

Warwick, OK

If you're traveling Route 66, there's a good chance you're doing it on a motorcycle, so a stop at Seaba Station is a must. The brick building dates back all the way to 1921 when the pumps dispensed "NevrNox" brand gasoline. It was an auto repair shop until 1994. Now, it's a popular motorcycle museum.

Tower Station and U Drop Inn
Michael Kruger / TripAdvisor

7. Tower Station and U-Drop Inn

Shamrock, TX

One of the most striking and iconic buildings on Route 66, Tower Station and the U-Drop Inn were built in 1936 in Art Deco style. It was a Conoco station, and you can see the name still on one of its towers. The U-Drop Inn, which was named by a local boy in a contest, was a cafe. It's now used as a visitors and community center. 

Pete's Route 66 gas station
Pernellevoyage / TripAdvisor

8. Pete's Route 66 Gas Station Museum

Williams, AZ

Pete's is a gas station museum, so it's kind of a one-stop shop for seeing all sorts of antique Route 66 memorabilia. There's a 1950s Ford parked under the filling station canopy, and everything has vintage vibes. It makes for a great little pit stop. 

Cool Springs Station
WIBYRIC / TripAdvisor

9. Cool Springs Station

Golden Valley, AZ

When it was built in the mid 1920s, Cool Springs was an oasis for motorists where they could rest, gas up, and get something to eat. When it burned down in the '60s, it was left in ruins for decades. In the early 2000s, it was purchased and restored into a gift shop and attraction, with plans to reopen the cafe someday. 

Roy's Motel and Cafe
Cherie P / TripAdvisor

10. Roy's Motel and Cafe

Amboy, CA

Roy's is perhaps the most famous landmark on Route 66 thanks to its iconic sign that can be seen from miles around the Mojave Desert. When it opened in 1938, it was the only place to get gas, food, and lodging in the area. The famous 50-foot neon sign dates from 1959, and it's appeared in plenty of movies, TV shows, and music videos. 

Cucamonga Service Station
Brian_in_Reno / TripAdvisor

11. Cucamonga Service Station

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Built in 1915, Cucamonga Service Station has been restored to its 1930s appearance. It offered both gas and auto service, and sold Richfield gasoline. It ceased operations back in the '70s, and it's now been restored with a museum of Route 66 history full of memorabilia and artifacts.