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HexClad’s product is compelling. The cookware startup is the first company to combine stainless steel with PFOA-free nonstick technology, making for durable, easy-to-clean pots and pans that you can throw in the dishwasher. At least, that’s the sales pitch. Costco fans who have purchased HexClad sets from the warehouse retailer say the reality is a little more disappointing.

Redditors Say HexClad Pans Are ‘Overpriced and Useless’

In a popular post to Reddit’s Costco community, the original poster said that they had to stop using their HexClad cookware because “it gets dirty too easily and stuff just sticks.” They added that the pots and pans, which sell for hundreds of dollars, are “overpriced and useless.”

While that opinion was far from universal (one HexClad owner praised the lifetime warranty), many agreed with the original poster, with the main complaint being that the products weren’t actually nonstick.

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America’s Test Kitchen Agrees

The experts at America’s Test Kitchen came to a similar conclusion in their HexClad review.

In a roundup of the best and worst gear of 2023, the publication’s Executive Editor Hanna Crowley shared that HexClad’s nonstick skillet didn’t even pass the first stage of their industry-standard testing process, which involves frying 50 eggs.

“It was sticking right away. The performance was shockingly bad,” Crowley says in the video.

Crowley explains that the pan is a “total dud” because it fails to deliver on its nonstick promise. Consumers who want a regular pan that’s “naturally” nonstick should opt for carbon steel. Otherwise, Crowley recommends ATK’s no. 1 nonstick pick: OXO Good Grips Nonstick Pro.

But Many Reviews Are Positive

That said, other reviews have been more positive. 

In CNET’s review, David Watsky said that the hybrid skillet “released food” as well as competitors while also calling it the “toughest nonstick pan you're likely to find.”

“If nonstick is your preferred material for daily cooking or if you're particularly rough on it, causing it to break down quickly, a HexClad will save you from having to replace your pan as often,” he writes.

The Bottom Line: Opt for Something Cheaper

So, are HexClad pans worth it? Probably not.

Even if HexClad pans performed just as well as regular Teflon pans, spending $200 for a single skillet is absurd. That’s because we know there are cheaper, more durable options on the market, like Lodge’s cast iron skillet, a virtually indestructible pan that will last generations (and make countless delicious meals). And even if you must have nonstick, ATK’s top pick is nearly a quarter of the price of HexClad’s model.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is HexClad?

HexClad is a successful premium cookware company that’s known for its hybrid pots and pans. The products are “hybrid” because the products’ nonstick surfaces are protected by a layer of laser-etched, stainless steel hexagons. A 12-inch pan retails for $200, while sets cost hundreds of dollars.

What Is HexClad made of?

A HexClad pan combines stainless steel hexagons, a Japanese PFOA-free nonstick coating, an aluminum core, and a magnetic, stainless steel base.

Is HexClad worth it?

Probably not, if only because there are more affordable options on the market. Home cooks looking for durable, buy-it-for-life skillets should go for cast iron, whereas consumers who need nonstick will find more affordable options from OXO.

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