Energy Assistance Programs in Every State

Unrecognized woman resting, sitting with hands behind head and legs on radiator at winter season.


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Unrecognized woman resting, sitting with hands behind head and legs on radiator at winter season.

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Temperatures are dropping as federal COVID assistance ends for many Americans who struggle to pay their energy bills — even though the coronavirus crisis isn't quite done with us. The good news is that the federal government helps every state in the country provide energy assistance programs to residents in need, often through partnerships with nonprofits, businesses, and other third-party organizations. And most major utility companies and energy providers have programs of their own, particularly during the pandemic, to help customers who are struggling. If a program in your state says it was sealed up months ago, keep an eye on its website for a cold-weather restart or contact officials through it to ask about a reopening date.

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Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program is a federally funded grant administered by the Department of Health and Human Services. Funds are paid to the states, which distribute the money as aid to qualifying residents. Available in all 50 states, LIHEAP delivers more than $3.6 billion in block grants yearly for such things as energy crisis mitigation, assistance with heating bills, and weatherization and home repairs. Read on for a link to your state's LIHEAP page as well as information about additional energy-assistance services.

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Dialing the number 211 or visiting connects callers to a free and confidential referral and information helpline and website with essential health and human services. The service, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, includes help with not just energy and utility costs, but basic human needs, mental health and other health care resources, employment support, and more.

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State LIHEAP Website

Energy Outreach Colorado

Includes bill payment assistance, energy education, and the Colorado Affordable Residential Energy program. There's also a special COVID-related aid package that includes supplementary bill assistance twice per household in 2020.

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Miami, Florida
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State LIHEAP Website

Heating Energy Assistance Team
The longest-serving statewide fuel fund in Georgia, HEAT is a collaborative effort between state and local governments, businesses, and nonprofits. It provides heating energy help to low-income Georgians. 

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State LIHEAP Website

Hawaiian Electric Payment Assistance
Offerings include the GEM$ On-Bill Money Saver Program, which provides help with bills and financing for energy efficiency home repairs. Nonprofit state partnerships include AUW 211 and the Salvation Army-Hawaiian and Pacific Islands, which offer help with utilities and energy costs. 

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Des Moines, Iowa
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State LIHEAP Website

Kansas City Power and Light
Offers several assistance programs statewide, including the Cold Weather Program, which helps customers with delinquent accounts avoid shutoffs. The company will also help connect struggling customers with local nonprofits to secure emergency grants, and it runs a special program for the elderly, low-income residents, and the disabled.

Louisville, Kentucky


State LIHEAP Website

Kentucky Power
Offers several programs including payment assistance in the form of one-time extensions or extended arrangement plans. The Home Energy Assistance in Reduced Temperatures program offers up to $115 per month, and the Temporary Heating Assistance in Winter program pays up to $175. 

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State LIHEAP Website

Good Neighbor Energy Fund
Helping state residents in crisis for more than 35 years, the fund is designed for residents who struggle to pay energy bills because of a temporary crisis but don't qualify for state or federal assistance.

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State LIHEAP Website

Reach Out For Warmth
Representing a collaboration between 40 nonprofits and agencies across the state. It serves as a community-based fuel fund and provides services such as free furnace repair, as well as help with heating bills and other energy payments.  

Jackson, Mississippi
Bozeman, Montana
Lincoln, Nebraska
Reno, Nevada


State LIHEAP Website

Utilities Assistance Programs in Nevada
Another state where most major utility providers and energy companies offer relief and aid programs for residents struggling to keep up with energy expenses. Many give preference to homes with vulnerable residents such as seniors and children; some are for residents ineligible for federal or state aid; others are meant to supplement existing aid. 

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New Jersey

State LIHEAP Website

Utilities Assistance Programs in New Jersey

Just one of several comprehensive energy assistance programs in New Jersey. There's also the Payment Assistance for Gas and Electric Program for low- to moderate-income households, the Universal Service Fund, the Winter Termination Program, the Lifeline energy-assistance program, and NJ SHARES.

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North Carolina

State LIHEAP Website

Utilities Assistance in North Carolina
Many counties and municipalities in North Carolina offer residents energy assistance at the local level. In addition, most of the state's many utility providers and energy companies offer customers relief programs based on need and other circumstances. 

Fargo, North Dakota

North Dakota

State LIHEAP Website

In early October last year, the North Dakota Department of Human Services announced a temporary program called the Pandemic Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program. Designed specifically for low-income families that participated in the state's standard energy-assistance program until funds ran out, it offers a one-time payment of $460 to mitigate COVID-related household crises. 

Columbus, Ohio
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


State LIHEAP Website

Utilities Assistance in Oklahoma
As with many other states, most non-LIHEAP assistance programs in Oklahoma are administered by power companies and utility providers themselves. Different service providers offer different kinds of assistance to vulnerable or financially struggling customers.

Portland, Oregon


State LIHEAP Website

Oregon Energy Fund
Oregonians who meet the program's income requirements can apply for help through this fund, which distributes money to more than 30 nonprofits and partner agencies throughout the state. 

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South Dakota

State LIHEAP Website

Operation Round Up
Several energy companies, co-ops, and utility providers in South Dakota participate to convert local charitable dollars into statewide energy assistance. The Dakota Valley Electric Cooperative, for example, rounds its members' payments up to the nearest dollar and puts the difference in a fund that provides tens of thousands of dollars in energy aid to vulnerable residents.

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State LIHEAP Website

Utilities Assistance in Tennessee
More than two dozen utility companies, energy providers, and community co-ops offer LIHEAP-alternative assistance programs to at-risk customers. Depending on provider and circumstances, you might be eligible for aid in paying bills, securing fuel, or reducing payments.

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State LIHEAP Website

Utah Office of Consumer Services

Hub for several energy assistance programs, including those administered directly by utility and electric companies. It also profiles offerings such as the Home Electric Lifeline Program and Home Energy Assistance Target program. 

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Best: Richmond, Virginia


State LIHEAP Website

Keep Warm Washington
Washingtonians struggling with energy bills can visit to learn about programs administered by all five of the state's major energy providers and other programs for payment assistance, medical emergencies, and utility shut-off moratoriums.

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State LIHEAP Website

Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund
The result of a statewide nonprofit charitable effort. Combining public, private, and community resources, it provides energy assistance aid, the vast majority of which goes to the elderly, veterans, working families with young children, and the disabled.

Sheridan, Wyoming
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State LIHEAP Website

Energy Share of Wyoming
Private nonprofit helping families and individuals pay energy bills during times of hardship. It is designed for those who are at-risk but do not qualify for LIHEAP or other conventional programs.