Frugal vs. Splurgy: 5 Ways To Harmonize Your Finances as a Couple

Shot of a young couple sitting in the living room at home and using a laptop to calculate their finances

Delmaine Donson/istockphoto

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Shot of a young couple sitting in the living room at home and using a laptop to calculate their finances
Delmaine Donson/istockphoto

Money and Marriage

Achieving your financial goals gets a lot harder if you feel like your partner is working against you. Maybe they’re an outdoorsy gearhead who can’t resist buying ten ultralight gadgets every time they go to REI. Or perhaps they’re a foodie who can’t help but dine at a restaurant that serves a plate of foam for $150. Either way, you need to find a compromise. Frugal Redditors recently came up with a few ideas to bridge the gap between penny pinchers and spendthrifts that go beyond just talking about it.

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Open Separate Accounts

The simplest solution is to separate your finances. One top commenter suggests three bank accounts: one for yourself, one for your partner, and a shared budget account. Both can contribute a percentage of their paycheck to the budget account to put toward shared bills. “Money makes people stress out. You both need different things in life to feel comfortable. Figure out what that is and learn together,” they write.

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Set Savings Goals Together

If it’s too late to separate your finances, then you could try setting a savings goal together. Not only will it help reign in your partner’s spending, but you’ll also have a joint account that you can grow together.

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Accept Your Partner

Even if your significant other tends to go overboard with a few extra appetizers, expensive groceries, and high-class cocktails, have you considered that they might be enriching your life? Sure, spending an extra $20 here and there might make you cringe, but maybe it’s good to live outside your comfort zone and smell the roses (within reason, of course).

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Part Ways

I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer, but your financial differences could be irreconcilable. At least, that’s how some (bitter) Redditors feel. “I’m about to leave my relationship over this mismatch,” one Redditor shares, echoing multiple commenters who said financial differences were a dealbreaker.

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