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Most people have opted out of flying anywhere for a summer vacation during the pandemic, but that doesn't mean they're staying at home. The cross-country road trip is a rite of passage that's hard to resist, and now is an ideal time to hit the road. The question is: Which road to follow?

RoadTripUSA suggests that there are 11 classic paths across the country worth considering, from northern to southern border or sea to shining sea, hitting everything from small towns to remarkable attractions. No matter which road trip you choose, you're sure to get a dose of natural beauty and a perspective on America that is sure to be memorable — but experts agree that, if you can pick only one road trip, there's a path that can't be beaten.

Video: Affordable and Scenic Road Trips Across America

Running 2,500 miles through eight states, Route 66 offers more insight into America's past and present (but especially past) than you might expect. Like classic '50s diners? You'll find a lot of them. Interested in art deco architecture? Stop in Tulsa, which is along the route. Want a truly weird (but memorable) place to sleep? Try the Wigwam Hotel. Each state along Route 66 has a museum dedicated to the Mother Road, and you can drop by sites like the Two-Cell Jail in Gardner, Illinois. And not every town on the route has survived the roller-coaster American economy — you can take in a few ghost towns along the way.

While every cross-country road trip offers some beautiful views and interesting sights to see, Route 66 is a window into a quirky past that's unparalleled elsewhere.

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