Electric cars are charging in station


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When you picture rural America, you might envision cornfields, combines and tractors cruising down backroads, and one-stoplight towns. Less likely to appear in that mental picture are electric vehicles charging up at the only gas station around for miles — but that might soon change with General Motors Co.'s plan to install as many as 40,000 charging stations, including in predominantly rural areas.

GM's charging stations will feature industry-standard J1772 plugs that work for the majority of electric models, so non-GM EV drivers will be able to use them too. Tesla drivers can charge up at GM's stations as long as they have the proper adapter.

But they won't be quick. GM's units are Level 2 chargers that are slower to charge than rapid Level 3 units, so most will be installed in places where drivers tend to park for hours at a time, like sports venues, shopping districts, and parks.

There are currently 1,000 GM dealers who have signed up to install up to 10 charging stations in their areas, though they will not be installed at the dealerships themselves. With about 43,000 existing Level 2 charging stations already sprinkled across the nation, GM's initiative could just about double the total number of units.

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GM hasn't divulged how much the program will cost, but the initiative is part of the company's $750 million spending plan for EV charging infrastructure efforts.

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