Frontier Airlines A321 taking off at Charlotte Douglas International Airport


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Frontier Airlines is determined to get your business. The airline recently announced a 90% discount on certain flights for the airline's Discount Den members. The membership program costs $100 to join and offers perks such as children fly free and cheaper fares for up to nine people on a reservation.

The latest deal is valid for both domestic and international flights. But only flights that operate Mondays through Thursdays and Saturdays between Aug. 16 and Nov. 15 are eligible, so don't count on saving money on your summer vacation or holiday plans. Plus, the fine print notes that some routes may be excluded and promotional seats are limited.

The airline's summer flight pass, which seems like a value at $399 and allows you to book as many flights as you want, is also filled with fine print. The biggest issue? You can only book domestic tickets the day before you fly. 

So, is Frontier Airlines really worth the potential savings? It depends. I recently flew Frontier to Florida, and the best I can say about the airline is that I made it to my destination safely (though that's ultimately the most important part of traveling). 

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For one, you better be prepared with all your own downloaded entertainment and books beforehand, because there's zero WiFi offered for purchase or otherwise — something I totally missed as it was my first time on Frontier. Secondly, "on time" doesn't really mean on time. For reasons unknown, we boarded at least 30 minutes late, with the airline still listing the plane as on time.

Like Spirit Airlines, Frontier charges for overhead bags, but is way more serious about it than I've ever seen. Plenty of passengers were stopped and asked to confirm that their free item actually fit in the free item checker. Most didn't. I don't have a problem with this, because if you choose to try to pull one over, it's on you. It did, however, delay boarding. 

Once on board, there were numerous hold ups with various passengers having seat issues. Overbooked? Who knows, I did not want to get involved (though I had my phone ready to record any potential outbursts). 

Finally, when we made it to our destination, we were told over the intercom to depart the plane as quickly as possible due to a "tipping issue with the luggage." No one knew what exactly that meant, and it certainly didn't make people move faster. Either way, we made it off the plane, and I'm convinced they made that up to get people off since they were likely late to their next destination.

All in all, it wasn't the most pleasant or timely experience. But if you have a short trip coming up, are flexible with being delayed, and don't have much to carry, it may be worth it for the possible savings. Otherwise, the best way I can sum up Frontier is "meh". 

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