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Whether you're hosting a Friendsgiving get-together or you're just a "Friends" fanatic looking to get a little festive, the best way to do either is through your stomach (just ask Joey). Throughout its ten-season, 236-episode run, the beloved sitcom featured some iconic foods, from "Mockolate" to Joey's meatball sub. We've tracked down some of the best "Friends" inspired recipes that TikTokers have to offer.

With so many hilarious and legendary dishes to choose from, it makes perfect sense to theme your Friendsgiving around "Friends" — I mean really, could it be any more appropriate? And even if you aren't partaking in Friendsgiving festivities, any one of these recipes bodes well for a night on the couch binge-watching re-runs in wedding dresses (okay, maybe you don't have to get that into the theme).

@bustle Will *definitely* be making this @mycomfortbakes #rachelgreen ♬ original sound - Bustle

Now, when it comes to the trifle Rachel made for Thanksgiving in "The One Where Ross Got High" (a must-watch Turkey Day "Friends" episode), tweaks are necessary unless you want to fully commit to replicating her "first there's a layer of ladyfingers, then a layer of jam, then custard — which I made from scratch — then raspberries, more ladyfingers, then beef sauteed with peas and onions, more custard, and then bananas and then I just put some whipped cream on top!" trifle. And unless you're Joey with the "What’s not to like? Jam? Good. Custard? Good. Meat? Good!" mantra, we're thinking you'd be better off going with some slight adjustments.

Instead, Bustle credits @mycomfortbakes with a drool-worthy take on Rachel's dessert snafu. Every layer is made as-is except the TikToker replaced the meat, peas, and onions with crushed Oreos and green M&M's. Genius.

@szndspices Your sandwich deserves a Moistmaker moment, just like Ross Geller. Thanks to SZND Fine Salt, lunchtime becomes a Friends reunion. #szndspices #sznd #moistmaker #themoistmaker #friends #freindsmoistmaker #rossgeller #finesalt ♬ original sound - szndspices

There's always talk circulating about what to do with Thanksgiving leftovers, but we have to admit: Monica Gellar's leftover sandwich with the "moist-maker" is the O.G. of leftover Turkey Day fixings. 

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TikToker @szndspices replicates the sandwich with the essential slice of gravy-soaked bread in the middle and we've never felt more compelled to bring a TV recipe to life. We simply mustsee if it's so good it's worth losing your job over.

@whats.bakin @thechokladlover antworten 🍪 Are you excited for the friends reunion?😍 #friends #cookies #recipe #foodtok #fyp ♬ Smelly Cat (Version 5) - Friends Cast

Does anyone else remember when Monica tried to figure out Phoebe's grandmother's secret cookie recipe? You know, the one that her grandmother got from her French grandmother "Nestle Toulouse?" Yeah, the one printed on the back of every Nestle Tollhouse yellow package of chocolate chips. Might as well make those bad boys while you're at it. 

You also might want to perk up the meal with the "Friends"-inspired coffee creamer

The list could go on and is open to plenty of interpretation and room for creativity. 

To Monica and Chandler (we love you, Matthew Perry!), and that knocked-up girl in Ohio! Happy "Friends" feasting, everyone. 

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