Food Freebies and Deals to Look for This Month

st patrick's cupcakes


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st patrick's cupcakes

The Eats of March

Spring is on the horizon and the month of March is filled with plenty of tasty ways to say goodbye to winter. Between pies, pecans, peanuts and St. Patrick’s Day, March is madness, with  food holidays and specials all month. Here’s what to eat up.

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noodles and co
Noodles & Company/Yelp
homemade tomato sauce

Sauce Month

Of course noodles and sauce are a surefire combo, so it’s no surprise March is also Sauce Month. Mark the holiday by experimenting with homemade sauce recipes.

skippy peanut butter

National Peanut Month

This ever-popular legume has been an American staple for decades. Pop on over to the  National Peanut Board for a plethora of peanut-friendly recipes. Or grab a coupon online and stock up on peanut butter. Skippy often has online coupons. 

celery juice

National Celery Month

Celery is having a moment, with health fanatics everywhere  touting how beneficial the veggie is as a morning juice. Luckily, celery is generally a cheap produce pick, and there are plenty of suggestions online for different ways to eat celery. Plus, it’s the perfect accompaniment to another March food holiday — Ranch Dressing Day! 

Daiya pizza
lentil salad
meatballs and ricotta
Carrabba's Italian Grill/Yelp

March 7: National Meatball Day

Last year, restaurant chain Carrabba’s Italian Grill gave out free Meatballs & Ricotta with the purchase of two entrées to celebrate the day, any deals for this year should be announced soon.

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ranch dressing

March 10: National Ranch Dressing Day

Popular brand Hidden Valley Ranch has held Twitter parties in honor of ranch dressing in past years, so it’s likely they’ll be calling out the versatile dip on their site this year as well as offering up coupons

utz potato chips

March 14: National Potato Chip Day

Last year, Utz featured a special promotion to celebrate the salty snack. The company offered 50% off all orders placed online. Head over to  on the 14th to check if there’s a repeat deal.

pie slice
Marie Callender's/Yelp

March 14: Pi Day

Boston Market has typically held a “Pot Pi(e) Day Deal”: buy one pot pie and drink and get a free pot pie. Meanwhile, Marie Callender's has confirmed their yearly promotion for a free slice of pie on the day along with the purchase of one full price adult entrée. 

Oreo Shamrock McFlurry

March 17: St. Patrick’s Day

It’s just not St. Patrick's Day without McDonald’s yearly Shamrock Shake. This is the 50th year the treat is being offered along with a new seasonal sweet, the Oreo Shamrock McFlurry, both available for a limited time — check their website to find out when the treats disappear for the year. Another way to go green is to pick up green bagels at Brueggers, available this year March 16-17. Get $2 off one of the store’s Big Bagel Bundles, which includes a baker’s dozen of bagels and two tubs of cream cheese. 

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chicken legs

March 19: National Poultry Day

Run out of ideas for what to do with chicken? This holiday is a perfect excuse to try out a new recipe.

Brio Tuscan Grille ravioli
Brio Tuscan Grille/Yelp

March 20: National Ravioli Day

Brio Tuscan Grille has featured ravioli deals in past years. Sign up with the restaurant’s rewards program to see what will be offered this year.

IHOP Belgian Waffles

March 25: International Waffle Day

Typically you’ll find more freebies on Waffle Day, which takes place in August, but IHOP has still promoted the holiday by calling out some of their specialities like Belgian Waffles.

candied pecans

March 25: Pecan Day

There are apparently never too many days to devote to the pecan. In a three-week span, pecans are celebrated twice — National Pecan Day takes place in April. Check out for monthly deals on various flavored pecans.


March 26: National Spinach Day

Spinach is undeniably nutritious, but can also be quite delicious. Prices for this veggie vary, but it can be a surprisingly good deal at typically pricey stores like Whole Foods.

bacon with chocolate on stick

March 28: Something on a Stick Day

There are a seemingly infinite number of foods that can be put on a stick. Kabobs and corn dogs may be some obvious choices, but there are some truly shocking options as well! Of course, Pinterest has thousands of ideas for stick-friendly recipes to commemorate this wacky holiday.