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If you have a cat or kids (or even if you don't) and blinds on your windows, you've probably had the great frustration of a broken slat or two. After one Redditor asked for life hacks for broken blinds, plenty of responses suggested just buying cheap new blinds or swapping the blinds out for curtains. 

Several people also suggested getting rid of the cat, assuming a feline is to blame. But fortunately, a few had actual repair hacks that not only solved the problem, but were pretty easy to boot.

Redditor u/lundytoo suggested getting one of the unused slats at the bottom of the blind by untying the center string and sliding it out to replace a broken slat, or trying the fast and easy method: cut it free using a razor blade, sliding it into place, then taping the cut so it doesn't fall out.

For warped blinds, Redditor u/XTNDVC67 recommends straightening them with a hot iron with a thin, wet towel wrapped around the slats.

And if you want to do it with visual guidance, TikToker Mercury Stardust walks you through the process on TikTok. The good news is that, even though restringing blinds seems a little tedious, it's still very doable. 

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While there are definitely plenty of home repairs to leave to the pros, thankfully fixing your window blinds is one you can DIY and save some money.

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