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Fisher-Price is reannouncing its massive recall of Rock 'n Play Sleepers after eight babies died in the product since the original recall was announced in 2019. 

The additional deaths bring the total number of infant deaths linked to sleeping in the Rock 'n Play up to about 100. More than 30 had already been reported by the time of the initial recall in April 2019, and about 70 more have also been attributed to the product since then.

Deaths occur in inclined infant sleepers like the Rock 'n Play when infants inadvertently roll from their backs to their fronts or sides while in the product and suffocate from the soft padding. 

Similar problems have occurred with Fisher-Price's inclined rocker, which has resulted in at least 13 infant deaths. Because of the recalls and subsequent government investigation, it's now illegal to sell or distribute these or similar products under the Safe Sleep for Babies Act, which went into effect in November.

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About 4.7 million Rock 'n Play Sleepers were sold from when they debuted in 2009 until they were recalled in 2019. They were sold at many big box stores and online, including Walmart, Target, and Amazon. Because of the huge number of recalled products sold, many likely are still in use.

If you or someone you know still has a Fisher-Price Rock 'n Play, stop using it immediately. The company has set up a recall website to check whether your sleeper products are affected, get more information, and find out how to obtain a refund or voucher. 

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