Big-Ticket Impulse Buys That Costco Superfans Say They Love



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Best Big-Ticket Buys

While it’s easy to wince after impulsively buying a big-ticket item, not everything has to be accompanied by buyer’s remorse. In fact, that’s the hallmark of a good purchase: Despite the hole in your bank account, you’re content with your purchase. Costco superfans recently shared their favorite big-ticket impulse buys on Reddit, from picnic tables and fridges to kayaks and wedding rings. Not a Costco member? You can apply here.

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Woman Taking Plate Of Leftover Food From The Fridge


This Redditor sent her husband to Costco for a $15 tire repair … and he came back with a $700 fridge. She’s satisfied with the purchase, if only because she can tease him for it. “That alone is worth $700,” the Redditor commented alongside a laughing emoji.

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Costco Executive Membership Card

Costco Executive Membership

While it’s double the price of a normal membership at $120, Costco’s executive tier comes with extra benefits, including a 2% reward on all purchases. This Redditor says they stack their executive membership with their Costco credit card for 4% total cash back, which “definitely pays for itself if you're buying appliances.”

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Foods with Freezer Burn

Upright Freezer

While most people are content with a fridge-freezer combo, one Redditor said that buying an upright freezer was worth the extra dough. “It’s way more functional than our old chest freezer because I can see, inventory, and access everything very easily,” they wrote.

Woman Holding A Diamond Ring

Wedding Ring

We’re glad this Redditor didn’t regret buying his wife’s wedding, which the commenter said they both “love.” “She loves it and is frequently told it looks really expensive,” they added. Other superfans agreed that Costco sells quality diamonds, with one shopper writing that their partner’s ring was appraised for double what it cost at the retailer.

Action Portrait of Spanish Kayakers Enjoying Morning Workout


Outdoor enthusiasts should know that Costco sells Kayaks, which one superfan enthusiastically endorses. Despite having to spend another $800 on rails, racks, etc., the Redditor said that they were still worth the hefty price tag.

Bissell Crosswave Vacuum

Bissell Crosswave Vacuum

If you’ve ever seen a Costco employee miked up like a ‘90s pop star, they’re probably demoing one of the warehouse’s products — and those demos work. Case in point: his Redditor says they bought a Bissell Crosswave after watching it suck up cereal and milk … at the same time. “I love it beyond words. It makes cleaning floors so much easier. It’s magic,” they wrote.

Massage chair

Massage Chair

Redditors declared this commenter the thread’s "winner," as this big spender shelled out $8,000 for their massage chair. Even with that exorbitant price tag, they don’t seem to feel buyer’s remorse. “It's awesome,” the Redditor wrote, adding that they no longer have to go to the chiropractor.

Storage shed

Studio Shed

This Costco superfan bought an outdoor shed just in time for the pandemic. It “unexpectedly” became the Redditor’s office, which they say has been “a lifesaver.”

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Buying Guide: Swimming Pool Size
Sam Flint/istockphoto

Swimming Pool

Another pre-pandemic purchase, this swimming pool kept one Redditor and their family "from insanity" during the lockdowns. “We just took it down from out third summer of use, and I'm pretty sure it has saved us thousands of dollars in weekend getaways to hotels with pools since we purchased it for $499 plus tax,” they wrote.

Recycled plastic used to manufacture new picnic table

Picnic Table

It's a common story. This Redditor went into Costco for some light grocery shopping, and yet they came out with a picnic table that "barely fit" in their car. The impulse buy has paid off, the Redditor says, as the table has endured more than four years without any issues.