McDonald's Combo Meal


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The Guinness World Record for most fast-food restaurants visited in 24 hours used to be 50 — but no more. Social media chefs Nick DiGiovanni (a former "MasterCheffinalist) and Lynn Davis (of "Cooking with Lynja") blew through the record by visiting 69 Manhattan-based fast-food joints in just one day. It wasn't their first rodeo either.

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The pair previously set records for making the world's largest cake pop and the biggest chicken nugget. They also produced a YouTube video of themselves completing their fast-food expedition, which had specific rules:

  • One food item or drink had to be purchased and consumed (though the consuming part was later scratched by the Guinness adjudicator, allowing the pair to give away their purchases) from each location.
  • Each fast-food restaurant had to be visited by both competitors at the same time.
  • The pair needed to provide GPS coordinates and a receipt to a Guinness official as proof of their hard work.

The pair hit 69 restaurants with 16 hours and 45 minutes to spare, so it's pretty likely the record won't last long. Watch the video to see these intrepid fast-food warriors in action.


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