Munchies on a Budget: The Best Fast Food Deals for 4/20

Jimmy John's Munchie Crusher

Jimmy John's

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Jimmy John's Munchie Crusher
Jimmy John's

Happy Holi-Daze

Munchies are no joke, guys. If you're going to celebrate the unofficial holiday that is 4/20 in the proper way, we suggest planning ahead for when those hardcore cravings hit and you need all the junk food RIGHT NOW. Not only will you be able get the food safely to your door, but you'll also be able to get it cheaper by taking advantage of some of these dank fast food deals from chains that appreciate your hobby. Plus, you'll have more money left over to try those new edibles you've been eyeing.

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Carl's Jr. 4/20 Snack Sack
Carl's Jr.

Carl's Jr.: $4.20 Snack Sack

There's a deep fried food-filled Snack Sack awaiting you at Carl's Jr. It's got a 6-piece jalapeño popper, small fries, and onion rings for the ultimate munchies buffet. It's already available now and will be through April 24 for anyone that celebrates often. There's free delivery on April 20 through the chain's website and app, so take full advantages of that. The price? $4.20, natch

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Smashburger Classic Burger

Smashburger: 4 Singles for $20

Smashburger's 4/20 deal is for groups  at least it would be on any day that wasn't April 20. You can get four classic burgers (singles, not doubles) for $20 when you ask for the 420 bundle in store. The burgers come with cheese and plenty of toppings, so it's a great deal, but it's only available on 4/20.

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Del Taco Taco
Justin Sullivan / Getty

Del Taco: 8 Snack Tacos for $4.20

Get 8 snack tacos for the super cool price of $4.20 at Del Taco April 20-22. You'll get free delivery on 4/20 if you place your order on the website or app. Plus there's also a special Del After Dark menu available from 9 p.m. until 4 a.m. the 20th through the 22nd that includes stuff like the Stoner Burrito from the chain's secret menu.

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Jimmy John's Munchie Crusher
Jimmy John's

Jimmy John's: Munchie Crusher

Crush those munchies with the aptly named Munchie Crusher sandwich at Jimmy John's on April 20. It's made on sliced wheat bread with turkey, provolone, avocado spread, cukes, lettuce, tomatoes, sliced pickles, seasoning, and mayo. Order it (or any sub) online and use code FREESIDE when you check out to score a free bag of chips. We highly recommend the jalapeno.

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Fatburger: $4.20 Classic Fatburger

Fatburger's classic fat burger will be selling for $4.20 on 4/20 for online orders only. Weirdly enough, you can also get Fatburger branded ketchup that's infused with THC, but you'll have to score that at select California dispensaries. 

Jack in the Box Pineapple Express
Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box: $4.20 Pineapple Express Shake

Jack in the Box is no stranger to people with intense munchies. This year for 4/20 it's bringing back the pineapple express shake, named after both the marijuana strain and the much less exciting movie of the same name. It's $4.20, which doesn't sound that great of a deal for a shake. But if you live in LA, Salt Lake City, or Las Vegas, you could get your hands on a pineapple express sandwich with fried chicken, pineapple barbecue sauce, bacon, and grilled pineapple on a Hawaiian bun. That sounds way better.

Dunkin': Brown Sugar Cream Cold Brew

Dunkin': Free Cold Brew Coffee

No, Dunkin' in not celebrating 4/20 technically. But it is honoring National Cold Brew Day, which is inexplicably also on April 20. So when you get up, you can start your holiday with a free cold brew when you purchase anything else through the chain's app. You'll need that caffeine to get you through the day, anyway.