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Fast Food Deals to Feed the Whole Family

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Crowd Pleasers

Family Meal Deals

Many fast food and fast-casual restaurants have created family meal deals during the pandemic. With people feeling safer and thriftier at home, it's nice to take a break from cooking and order something that will feed everyone without much thought. Take advantage of these crowd-pleasing, family-sized meal deals while they're available because many chains, like Domino's, are putting restrictions on deals due to rising food costs.

New Fast Food Items You Can Try This Month

Domino's: $19.99 Perfect Combo Deal

Domino's: $6 Mix and Match Deal

The best, long-running meal deal at Domino's is the $6 Mix and Match. You need to buy at least two items for them to be $6 each, but you can order as many as you want from choices like medium two-topping pizzas, salads, and stuffed cheesy bread, so it's endlessly customizable. It's an especially good deal considering the chain's similar $8 carry-out special has recently changed to online-only and will soon offer less chicken in its options.

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McDonald's: $10 40-Piece McNugget Meal
Vincent H./Yelp

McDonald's: $10 40-Piece McNugget Meal

Who doesn't love a bunch of McNuggets? Check your McDonald's app, because you can order a family pack of 40 McNuggets and two large fries for just $10. It'll feed two really hungry adults or a small pack of ravenous kids.

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Taco Bell
Jonathan Weiss/shutterstock

Taco Bell: $10 Taco and Burrito Cravings Pack

Though Taco Bell has been slimming its menu, it still offers a number of ways to feed a crowd. The $10 Taco and Burrito Cravings Pack includes four crunchy or soft tacos and four Beefy 5-Layer Burritos. There are also Taco Party Packs with a dozen of your choice.

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KFC: $33 10-Piece Feast

Feeding a family is easy at KFC with big buckets of chicken. The $33 10-Piece Feast includes 10 pieces of Original Recipe fried chicken, two large sides of mashed potatoes, one gravy, large coleslaw, four biscuits, four chocolate chip cookies, and a half-gallon beverage bucket. 

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Wendy's: $15 Feed the Fam Deal

You can feed four people for $15 at Wendy's with its Feed the Fam deal. It comes with two spicy chicken sandwiches, two junior bacon cheeseburgers, and four small fries.

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Pizza Hut: Big Dinner Box
Peter C./Yelp

Pizza Hut: $24 Big Dinner Box

Pizza will forever and always be a crowd-pleasing meal, but variety is the spice of life. That's why Pizza Hut's Big Dinner Box is so popular. There are three combination possibilities in one box: three medium one-topping pizzas, or two medium one-topping pizzas with five breadsticks and either pasta or boneless wings. Depending on location and choice, the price will be around $24.

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Popeye's: $24.99 14-Piece Family Meal

Popeyes: $20 Four Sandwich Family Feast

While there are always the standard bucket-of-chicken meal deals at Popeyes, the chain also offers a meal deal that focuses on its popular chicken sandwich. The $20 four-sandwich Family Feast includes four classic or spicy chicken sandwiches, a large side of your choice, and four biscuits. 

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Wingstop: $23 All-In Bundle

If you're feeding three or four people, try the All-In Bundle at Wingstop. It comes with 16 boneless wings tossed in two sauce flavors, six crispy tenders tossed in two sauce flavors, large fries or veggie sticks, and three dipping sauces. 

Panera Bread
Joel Carillet/istockphoto

Panera: $29 Family Feast

Designed to serve four or more, Panera's family feast includes four half-sandwiches, one whole salad, one group soup, and one whole baguette. You can also get variations that include kids' sandwiches such as grilled cheese, premium versions of Panera sandwiches and salads, or add chocolate chip cookies.

Panda Express
Panda Express by Like_the_Grand_Canyon (CC BY-NC)
Papa John's
Jonathan Weiss/shutterstock

Papa Johns: $25 Family Special

So many pizza specials apply to just one- or two-topping pies. But the $25 Family Special at Papa John's includes one large specialty pizza and one large two-topping pizza. That way, you can get the works for yourself and double pepperoni for the kids.

Boston Market: Rotisserie Chicken Family Meal
LaMia S./Yelp

Boston Market: $25 and Up Rotisserie Chicken Family Meal

Boston Market is good if you want a homestyle family dinner of comfort food. The Family Meals feed three to six people, and the most popular comes with a whole rotisserie chicken as the main, plus three to six sides depending on the size of the meal. You can also get meals with barbecue ribs, roasted turkey, or meatloaf. 

El Pollo Loco Patio
El Pollo Loco Patio by Cynthia Smoot (CC BY-NC-ND)

El Pollo Loco: $23-$36 Family Chicken Meals

If a chicken dinner sounds good but you'd rather not have it fried, El Pollo Loco's 16-piece Family Dinner comes with grilled, citrus-marinated chicken, three large sides, tortillas, and salsa. If you don't need to feed up to eight people, there are smaller meals of eight, 10, 12 and 14 pieces.

Del Taco: Fiesta Pack
Sash W./Yelp

Del Taco: Fiesta Packs

Del Taco offers Fiesta Packs that can feed four or more people easily. Each comes with a dozen items, and the prices range from $10 to $15 depending on the options you choose. The cheapest Fiesta Pack comes with six bean-and-cheese burritos and six value tacos, but you can swap the tacos for bigger Del Tacos or grilled chicken tacos.

Little Caesars

Little Caesars: $6.55 Extra Most Bestest Pepperoni Pizza

While the price of Little Caesars Hot 'n Ready and Extra Most Bestest pizzas have gone up 55 cents in most places, they're still one of the best deals in pizza. The extra dollar is worth it for an extra layer of cheese and pepperoni on the Extra Most Bestest pie. 

White Castle: Super Sack
Toan H./Yelp

White Castle: $19 and $25 Castle Packs

There are two Castle Pack deals at White Castle. The $25 version includes 20 original sliders and four small fries. If you'd like more variety, the $19 pack has 10 original sliders, a 20-piece chicken rings, and a sack of french fries.

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Jersey Mike's: Giant Subs
Bill E./Yelp

Jersey Mike's: $13-$17 Giant Subs

Though there's no family meal at Jersey Mike's, the subs come in a giant size that feeds three to four people. Depending which sub you choose, you're paying $13 to $17 for a giant sandwich, which makes for a pretty reasonably priced meal.

Long John Silver's: Family Meals
Andre P./Yelp

Long John Silver's: Family Meals

Like fried chicken restaurants, Long John Silver's always has Family Meals available. They come in packs of eight, 12, and 16 pieces of fried pollock or chicken tenders, plus family-size sides and, of course, hushpuppies.

The Best Fast Food Deals to Grab This Month

Qdoba | Hard To Pronounce, Easy To Log On

Qdoba: $35 Grilled Chicken Family Meal

Taco night is about to get easier at your house with the Family Meals from Qdoba. They're designed to feed five and include rice, black beans, queso, pico de gallo, salsa, shredded cheese, taco-size tortillas, a full bag of chips, and either grilled chicken or steak.

The Best Value Meal Deals at 30 Chains Across the Country

Church's Chicken: 20-Piece Meal
Ruthie W./Yelp

Church's Chicken: $11 10-Piece Legs and Thighs

If all you're looking for is a bucket of chicken and not the sides, Church's has a great deal for you. You can get 10 pieces of legs and thighs for just $11. If you'd rather have some white meat, you can pay a little more.

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Moe's Southwest Grill: Build Your Own Taco Kit

Moe's Southwest Grill: $35 Build Your Own Taco Kit

Moe's has developed a build-your-own taco kit as a fun way to feed a family that doesn't want to venture out. The kit comes with 12 soft flour tortillas, a choice of two proteins such as steak or chicken, and lettuce, cheese, pico de gallo, and sour cream for toppings. Plus, there are sides of rice and beans and chips and salsa for a full meal for up to six people. Nacho and fajita kits are also available.

Noodles & Co.
Tyler L./Yelp

Noodles & Company: $40 Family Meals

There are five family meals at Noodles for $40 each. Each one comes with four noodle or zucchini noodle entrees, plus two shareables such as caesar salad or potstickers. You can't make substitutions, but there's a lot of variety in each meal. Choose between Italian classics, Asian bowls, world flavors, a mac pack, and zoodles and caulifloodles. 

Einstein Bros. Bagels: Take & Make Pizza Bagel or Deli Kit

Einstein Bros. Bagels: Brunch Box

Einstein Bros. has a meal kit for brunch-loving families. It includes a farmhouse egg sandwich, two bacon and cheddar egg sandwiches, four twice-baked hash browns, four blueberry muffins, six assorted bagels, and a tub of plain cream cheese. 

Pollo Tropical Express
Pollo Tropical Express by Phillip Pessar (CC BY)

Pollo Tropical: $22 Whole Chicken Family Meal

Pollo Tropical is known for its citrus marinated and Cuban-inspired food. For $22, you can get a whole marinated chicken family meal that also includes your choice of three sides like black beans or yellow rice and vegetables, and four rolls. 

Zaxby's: 30-Piece Chicken Fingerz Family Pack
J. Michael Jones/istockphoto

Zaxby's: $25-$29 20-Piece Chicken Fingerz Family Pack

Zaxby's family packs include the 20-piece Chicken Fingerz option, which comes with regular or Buffalo chicken fingers, two large orders of crinkle fries, four pieces of Texas toast, and dipping sauces.

Bojangles': 20-Piece Jumbo Tailgate
Daniel B./Yelp

Bojangles': $33 12-Piece Chicken Meal

Bojangles' has a number of family meal options, including a $33 deal with 12 pieces of mixed or dark meat chicken, three sides, six biscuits, and a half-gallon of iced tea. It also comes in eight- and 20-piece meals, or a mix of bone-in chicken and chicken tenders. 

Jonathan Weiss/shutterstock

Fazoli's: $27 Super Family Meal Deal

The Super Family Meal Deal at Fazoli's is an Italian feast. It comes with a large spaghetti and meat or marinara sauce, large fettuccine alfredo, a whole pizza, 16 garlic breadsticks, and a half-gallon beverage. If you'd like a smaller deal, you can get the $19 build-your-own family meal with two pastas and eight breadsticks.