11 Exercises to Improve Your Sex Life


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For a little extra motivation to exercise, consider focusing on moves that up your game in bed, enhancing the experience for you and a partner. Incorporating some into a workout routine opens up a menu of fun positions that could replace the urge to buy expensive toys or subscriptions to spice things up. Engaging more deeply with your own body will lead to greater physical pleasure, while also becoming strong and flexible enough to give as well as receive.

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Inner thighs are the source of a lot of strength, but can be a tricky part to target. Simple leg lifts in a workout routine while lying on your side can help strengthen and tone those muscles, offering two benefits for when things start to heat up in bed: the confidence of long, lean muscles and additional strength to allow experimenting with positions such as "The Squat Balance."

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Kegels strengthen the pelvic floor, which weakens as people age. Men and women can do kegels, though it's more common in women's routines. Essentially, it is flexing the inner muscles of the groin, which can add extra stimulation during penetration.

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This yoga pose opens the thighs and gets more flexibility in the hip joints. It's an especially good exercise for those who tend to cramp in these areas during the deed -- and can be a fun position to try during sex itself.

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Pigeon pose is used in yoga to help stretch inner tendons and muscles of the upper legs and hip joints. Cultivating strong and flexible upper legs allows bending in all sorts of ways that can take regular missionary to new pleasurable heights with one easy adjustment.

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Not only will squats make your butt amazing, which means feeling great if a lover has a view from behind; they'll also add strength for stamina -- because sometimes just being able to go longer is what's needed for some extra passion. Strong quads allow you to stick with different positions and strokes without fatigue.

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Lunges work the legs and core, often used most during sex. Connecting the legs' strength to core strength helps with some of the more difficult positions that require it to stay balanced. They also help tone the areas most people are self-conscious about: the thighs, butt, and belly.

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The basic pushup is good for overall body strength and conditioning, engaging the core, and building a stronger upper body. With a little practice, you'll be able to lift yourself or your partner to increase passion during hookups.

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Dancing is a fun way to get in cardio while toning the entire body. Many styles also emphasize hip movements, which come in handy in bed. (Bonus points for dancing with your partner, which works as a stimulating pregame.)

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This popular yoga pose stretches out hips, legs, arms, and side body to enhance flexibility. Tight legs can be limiting when trying to get it on, which makes this a good stretch before or after. If the pose is comfortable, it can also be used during.

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This gentle stretch soothes the spine and lower back, and doing this briefly most days of the week will keep backs limber, with a wide range of movement. This sequence also helps deepen the breath, which can lead to a deeper sense of pleasure during any kind of exercise.

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Most meditation focuses on working with breath and a quiet mind, all of which can help you stay in the moment -- creating a special environment that enhances the overall enjoyment of any pleasurable act, especially intimate ones.

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