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Unless you’re a Bill Gates superfan, it’s probably been a while since you fired up Microsoft Edge, Bing, or any of the company’s lesser-known products. But the Washington-based tech giant wants that to change with incentives like its Microsoft Rewards program, which helps users earn gift cards and other free stuff. Here’s everything you need to know about Microsoft Rewards points, including how to earn them and if they’re even worth your time.

What Is Microsoft Rewards?

Through the Microsoft Rewards program, you earn points on your Microsoft account for using the company’s products and services. For example: Downloading the Microsoft Bing app yields 500 points, while simply searching for Kathmandu on Bing generates 10 points. To help you keep track of it all, the company has developed a Rewards dashboard.

Apart from showing your point total, the dashboard also displays a list of “activities” — like achievements or quests — that dole out points. Some, like a survey question about time travel or a trivia quiz, are more interactive and fun, while others are more overt nudges to use Microsoft’s products.

Earning a few hundred points in less than a minute might sound like a lot, but the rewards economy is even more inflated than ours. According to Microsoft, 1,000 points is worth around $1, though some products are even pricier. 

A mere $25 Walmart gift card will run you a whopping 32,500 points. For lowly users such as myself (I have 111 points), you can enter sweepstakes to win gift cards, tech products, and other goodies for just a few hundred points. Truly dedicated users who earn at least 500 points a month can graduate to “level two,” allowing them to more easily earn points, among other benefits.

If the program seems familiar, that’s because it’s an offshoot of the early 2000s Xbox Live Points program and the 2010 Bing Rewards Program.

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Microsoft Rewards ActivitiesPhoto credit: Cheapism / Maxwell Shukuya

How Can I Earn Microsoft Rewards Points Fast?

  • Complete the Daily Set: The daily set is a collection of three easy rewards activities. If you complete them every day, you’ll start a streak and earn extra points.

  • Complete Daily Game Pass Quests: Xbox Game Pass members can earn points while playing games. Earn extra points by completing daily quests, which you can find on your console or game pass app.

  • Use Microsoft Edge: Ditch Chrome for Microsoft Edge and you’ll be rewarded with points. Using Edge will also boost the points you earn for searching with Bing.

  • Use Bing Search: Users get five points per search while using Bing. And now that the browser has been augmented with artificial intelligence, it might be worth trying again.

  • Download the Microsoft Rewards Extension: Earn points instantly when you download this extension, which also is a handy reminder of your balance and daily rewards.

  • Sign Into Your Microsoft Account: Since you can earn points for using many Microsoft products and services, make sure you’re logged in across your devices.

  • Become a Level Two Member: If you earn 500 points each month, you’ll become a level two member and earn up to five times more points on Bing.

  • Join the Microsoft Rewards Reddit: These tips merely scratch the surface of the rewards economy. If you’re really motivated to maximize your points, head to r/MicrosoftRewards, where tens of thousands of Redditors are determined to maximize their returns.

Is the Microsoft Rewards System Worth Your Time?

Microsoft’s pitch is that earning points is easy: Use its products, go about your day, and you’ll get freebies. While that’s technically true, users have to spend time on the more gamified aspects of the rewards system — the daily set, game pass quests, etc. — to earn enough points for anything meaningful. In other words, you’ll have to put in effort to really rack up points.

Is it worth changing your routines, switching to a (potentially inferior) browser and search engine, and adding one more thing to your to-do list just so you can redeem a $25 gift card in a month or two? Probably not.

That said, some Redditors relish the experience … and earn some impressive rewards.

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Microsoft Rewards Redemption PagePhoto credit: Cheapism / Maxwell Shukuya

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Microsoft Rewards legit?

Yes, Microsoft’s rewards program is 100% legitimate and not a scam.

What can you buy with Microsoft Rewards?

You can redeem gift cards, receive Microsoft Store discounts, enter sweepstakes, and donate to charity using points. Find out more on Microsoft’s rewards page.

How do I sign up for Microsoft Rewards?

Visit the website and click join now. You’ll be asked to sign in with your Microsoft account.

How can I maximize Microsoft Rewards points?

Beyond the obvious, the best thing you can do is explore r/MicrosoftRewards on Reddit. The community posts the answers to daily quizzes, hacks for earning more points, and other tips and tricks to maximize your returns.

Do Microsoft points expire?

Microsoft Rewards points expire if you stop earning points for 18 months.

Can you earn Robux through Microsoft Rewards?

Yes, Roblox players can earn in-game currency using Microsoft Rewards.

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