15 Drivers That Left Mechanics Dazed and Confused

Drivers that left mechanics confused

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Some People Simply Aren't Ready for the Road

It’s a wonder how some people are able to get their drivers license at all. Unfortunately, you’ve probably shared the road with one senseless driver at some point or another. And their cars? Let's just say that terrible drivers often don't know how to take care of the vehicles they're driving. 

To see just how bad it can get out there, we took a quick road trip through the ins and outs of r/Justrolledintotheshop. Here are some of the most mystifying jobs mechanics have come across. 

u/theeyeofchaoss via Reddit
u/anonymous via Reddit

2. Something Isn't Right Here

Sometimes the fault that results in a troubled customer rolling into the auto shop isn’t a fault of their own — at least according to u/deleted, who shared this photo. Nobody wants to fire up their fancy new car only to realize that the front seat display screen is stuck upside down.

u/blkoutzaraki via Reddit

3. That's One Way To Handle an Automatic

Just imagine peering through the window of this car if you pulled up next to it. Would you find such a sight comforting? Probably not. Would it fit into an apocalyptic scenario? Absolutely, and that's probably why u/blkoutzaraki shared the photo of this terrifying gear shift lever in the first place. 

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u/ameslay1211 via Reddit

4. The Roaches, Though

The backstory on this mess is that the customer had just traded this car in on a $105K BMW 840. Not only was the trash impressively mountainous, but there were around 50 roaches as well, according to u/ameslay1211, who shared the photo. 

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u/gunsrazorsknifeprty via Reddit

5. That Poor Brand New Escape Really Wanted To Escape

The story goes that when this brand new Escape pulled up to the shop, the owners could be seen towing it behind their motor home. According to u/gunsrazorsknifeprty, the parking brake locked up. The owners realized a few miles too late that the horrible noise they heard would have even worse financial repercussions. 

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u/IssaVSport via Reddit

6. Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

U/IssaVSport wrote that the customer in question was panicked, and in their attempt to find a reasonable way to get their car to the shop, they ended up breaking out the wrenches. Maybe, just maybe, that was not the most advisable call. 

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u/TT_Xyooj8 via Reddit

7. So Many Questions About the Origin Story Behind This

It's almost as if some kind of rabid animal was possessed and ready to chomp down on anything — tires included. Must've been a wild day for u/TT_Xyooj8, who shared the photo. 

u/deleted via Reddit

8. It’s Honestly Hard to Even Be Mad About This

This whole situation fits the bill for being one of the more pleasantly mystifying sights that rolled into the shop. The model of the car is a Ford Festiva, and you can check it out over here. This beauty has six — count 'em, six wheels — and we can thank u/crackheadonskis for sharing the photo in the first place. 

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u/icetilt via Reddit

9. Now This Is Just Terrifying

To think that we share the road with folks like the one that took this precarious setup into the shop is enough to keep you up at night. You've got to wonder what could've been going through u/icetilt's mind before they shared the photo. 

u/ItsMeLukasB via Reddit

10. Change My Oil, but Also Check Out the 800 Pounds of Concrete

That must've been a lot of additional stress on a car that could've already been going through the ringer before it had its oil changed. According to u/ItsMeLukasB, there was 80 pounds of concrete in the back. 

u/Rex_Racer95 via Reddit

11. Apparently It Was This 2022 Compass’ First Servicing

According to u/Rex_Racer95, it was this 2022 Compass' first ever servicing. Why wait that long? Sure, it's one way to save money, but the risks associated with waiting that long for a proper servicing for your car aren't worth it. Especially when you've got a serious issue like this car. Yikes. 

u/actually_iceman via Reddit

12. When the Odometer Speaks in Alien Tongue

You've got to wonder how something like this could've happened in the first place. Maybe the aliens were trying to communicate after all. The real question is how u/actually_iceman figured out how to eventually fix this.

u/NoahF0920 via Reddit
u/Prospero424 via Reddit

14. Not an Oil Change in a Daunting 15 Years

According to u/Prospero424, this is an example of a customer who stubbornly waited upwards of 15 years to have their car's oil changed. Waiting too long to change your oil can result in significantly diminishing how long your car's engine operates smoothly. Not only can that make for a hazard on the road, but you'll literally end up paying for it that much sooner. 

u/DarmoweOrzel via Reddit

15. That Was One Formidable Pothole

Anyone who has ever driven down a road full of potholes knows how stressful that can be. You better hope you don't have motion sickness to go with the experience. According to u/DarmoweOrzel, this car came across one particularly terrible pothole, indeed.