Kids eating a treat in the back of their car


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We've all heard the phrase, "That's a face only a mother can love," right? Well, it's widely applicable to other situations in motherhood, too. What Mom might think is adorable, endearing, or even simply appropriate can often be seen by others as, well, the opposite. 

Such seems to be the case with a Texas mom who shared a TikTok video of her son ordering at the Dairy Queen drive-thru from the backseat of her vehicle. She undoubtedly shared the video because she thought it was cute and sweet, but commenters weren't as convinced.

@ashlyn_ross At first I tried to tell Cove that DQ didnt allow kids to order 🙈 but as you can see- he got his way. #cove #dairyqueen #dq #toddlerordersdairyqueen #funnytoddlers #boymom #momsoftiktok ♬ original sound - Ashlyn Ross

While some agreed that the little boy was "aww"-worthy, others shared sentiments like, "I would be so over it," and, "Girl, don't do this to the workers." Some drive-thru workers chimed in to explain that it can be difficult to hear adults ordering in the drive-thru, and if you allow a child who doesn't speak clearly to order, it becomes even harder and can hold up the line. So, if you want to teach your kids to order their own food, maybe consider heading inside for the sake of clarity.

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@ashlyn_ross Its been a hot minute since we’ve visited @dunkin ❤️ I remeber the first time Briggs ordered 🥹 they are both getting so big. #briggs #cove #dunkin #dunkinorder #boymom #toddlersoftiktok #dunkindonuts ♬ original sound - Ashlyn Ross

While the Dairy Queen video did include a couple of communication-based hiccups supporting the idea that it's hard to understand kids through the drive-thru, it wasn't the mom's first time letting her son holler his order from the backseat. In another video, he ordered some donut holes and chocolate milk at Dunkin Donuts and even told the worker to "have a great day," unprompted. 

That right there is precious no matter who you are. 

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