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It's going to start costing McDonald's big-time money when they screw up your DoorDash order.

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Starting next year, DoorDash will be able to increase the commission it charges McDonald's locations that are consistently late filling orders or incur too many customer complaints for incorrect orders. That's because when DoorDash drivers have to wait for orders past their scheduled pick-up time or the company has to issue refunds, it costs both drivers and the company money. 

DoorDash works as a middleman by charging both the restaurant and the customer a fee for food delivery. While the base commission charged to McDonald's will go down to 11.6% next year, the company will have the option of raising it to as much as 20.1% depending on how long the driver has to wait for the order. 

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While the fees may seem like they'll result in better customer service, that remains to be seen. Meanwhile, McDonald's franchisees have raised concerns about the penalties as all restaurants struggle to meet increased demand for delivery amidst a nationwide labor shortage. The shortage, exacerbated by omicron, has recently forced many restaurants to cut their hours or otherwise streamline service.  

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