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It's the most wonderful time of the year, but it has nothing to do with Santa: Domino's is running its half-price pizza deal right before a holiday.

Whether you're going all out and cooking your family's Thanksgiving meal or planning on gorging yourself on turkey and stuffing leftovers for days, pizza this weekend sounds like a welcome change from early pie prep and sage-and-butter-laden dishes. 

As with the chain's previous 50% off offers — there have been more of them than usual this year, most recently three months ago — the offer is good for about a week. You have now through Sunday, Nov. 20, to grab your half-price 'za.

The deal is only good on regular-priced pizzas, so don't expect to get the $7 special for half price, but all sizes, crusts, and toppings are included. So, if you really want a pineapple, salami, black olive, and feta pizza on a thin crust with alfredo sauce at a discount, you can get it (and more power to you). It also works on specialty pies like the MeatZZa, which typically aren't discounted, but it only applies to pizzas, sides and desserts aren't included.

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To get 50% off, all you have to do is order through Domino's website or app and click on the big coupon to add your pizzas. And heck, if you order on Sunday, you can grab an extra pizza or two to pop in the oven early next week, when cooking is the last thing you want to do. At half off, a Domino's pie is cheaper than some frozen pizzas.

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