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Domino's just rolled out a new system for delivery, and for once you don't even need an address to get a hot pizza delivered right into your hands. That's a major win for pizza-loving beach goers and picnic-in-the-parkers. 

They're calling it Pinpoint delivery, and while the chain's claims of delivering "anywhere" are overblown marketing speak, the new technology is pretty interesting and definitely useful for those aforementioned nature/pizza lovers. 

To use it, customers can load up the Domino's app on their phone, order a pizza, and drop a pin on a map exactly where they want their pizza to show up. That could be a baseball field for a bunch of little leaguers, a park pavilion for the family reunion, or the line outside a club for a bachelorette party. 

Domino's Pinpoint DeliveryPhoto credit: Domino's

There are some limitations, of course. If there's no Domino's that delivers in the area you want your pizza, you're still not getting a pizza. And there's delivery driver safety to think about: your dropped pin must be a place that a driver can safely pull over, and you can safely get to their car to grab it. So in reality, this is probably going to lead to a lot of deliveries in parking lots, as opposed to making your delivery person hike through a ravine to get it to you.

There's no extra fee for this Pinpoint service, and customers can even track their delivery driver's car with GPS as it approaches, kind of like you already do with Ubers or Amazon deliveries. You'll also be asked to provide a description of yourself so your driver can actually identify you in a crowd, or you can activate a full screen Domino's logo on your phone to act as a sort of Bat signal for pizza to flag your pizza delivery down.

This is all a new novelty for us here in the U.S., but Domino's tried a similar delivery system in Australia back in 2017. Perhaps every bloke in the middle of the outback was able to get a pizza, but please don't try and order a pizza to Burning Man or Death Valley.

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