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Next time you burn dinner, take too long running errands or otherwise find yourself in a dinnertime debacle, Domino's vows to make your world right again with an emergency pizza. You know, because no problem is too big for extra cheese and pepperoni. 

@brett_neusty #ad never trust a host who tells you you don’t have to bring anything @Domino’s ♬ original sound - Brett Neustrom

Really, this pizza promotion deal is pretty flexible, and what constitutes an "emergency" is entirely up to Domino's Rewards members. Of course, qualifying for the emergent medium 2-topping pie isn't the complex part — it's all the caveats that cause commotion. 

How Domino's Emergency Pizza Deal Works:

  1. First, you have to make sure you're signed up as a Domino's Rewards member. 
  2. Then, you'll place the ever-mystically termed "qualifying order." Here, that means you've got to order at least $7.99 worth of food for either carryout or delivery. 
  3. Once that order is complete, the credit for an emergency pizza will show up on your rewards, and the clock starts ticking. You only get seven days to claim your emergency pizza once it shows up on your "My Deals & Rewards" page.
  4. Note: Claiming is not the same as redeeming. So, whether or not you can have an emergency pizza on deck relies on your ability to remember to head back to the app and claim that reward.
  5. From there, you'll have another 30 days to redeem your emergency pizza before it goes bye-bye. 
  6. Each Rewards member will only be allowed one emergency pie.

Emergency pizzas are available at Domino's until February 11, with the inevitable blackout dates that seem to come with all chain restaurant's promotions. 

You can't redeem your emergency pizza on Halloween (October 31) or New Year's Eve (December 31), but if you burn the turkey on Thanksgiving, you can call in your emergency pizza, no problem. Imagine what the pilgrims would think.

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