Domino's Delivery Drivers Dish on Their Biggest Customer Pet Peeves

Domino's delivery driver


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Domino's delivery driver

Speedy Delivery

Fast food workers deal with all kinds of difficult and annoying customers, and for pizza delivery drivers, that includes a whole other set of behaviors they'd rather not have to deal with. A user in the r/Dominos subreddit forum asked Domino's delivery drivers what their biggest pet peeves were while delivering, and the answers are eye-opening. Here are some of the most popular and echoed responses that can hopefully help you become a more considerate customer next time you order a pizza.

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Handsome asian guy Taking a shower in the bathroom

You're in the Shower

Customers sometimes decide to take a shower while waiting for their pizza, which really makes you question some people's time management skills. That leads to the inevitable minutes-long wait until you can answer the door. "The shower thing is insane," says u/torniz. "Like dude you just ordered pizza and figured now would be the best time to take a shower?"

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safety in modern residential buildings. fenced yard, closed gate with electronic lock.

You Don't Give Them the Gate Code

Do you live in a gated community, or have some other kind of gated entry that requires a code to unlock? You need to give that code to delivery drivers, or at least instruct them to call you when they get there, otherwise they can't get your pizza to you. Seems like common sense, but it happens a lot. 

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Close up of an house door number 54

Your House Numbers Are Hard to Read

This is an annoyance to everyone that might have to find your house, but it especially irks pizza delivery drivers who are trying to get you your pizza as fast and hot as possible. If your house numbers are tiny, in a difficult-to-read font, or are difficult to see at night, you should upgrade. And please don't obscure them with holiday decorations, either.

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Hispanic young woman delivering food in container boxes at home door under the rain

You Leave Them in the Rain

No one wants to stand around in the rain, and you shouldn't want your delivery person — not to mention your pizza — to get soaked on your behalf either. Hopefully your door has some kind of awning, but if not, watch for the delivery driver and definitely don't leave them waiting for very long. 

Close-up of pizza delivery person carrying thermal bag.
Drazen Zigic/istockphoto

You Give Them the Wrong Info

It may seem obvious, but pizza places need your correct info in order to get your pizza to you. Always double check for typos in your address and phone number. "The worst is when it's an incorrect address AND a wrong phone number," says u/pspock. "Back to the store it goes."

Danger of slipping. Female boots on rough slipper ice surface. A woman in brown leather shoes descends the slippery ice ladder

You Don't Shovel or Salt

You'd think that customers in northern climates would know to shovel and salt their sidewalks and driveways so people can deliver things like mail, packages, and pizza safely, but according to Domino's delivery drivers, some people don't bother. That makes for an unnecessarily dangerous situation, so please be considerate. 

Close up perspective view of hundred-dollar bill

You Pay With a $100 Bill

Pizza delivery drivers only carry about $20 on them, a fact that is often publicized by chains and independent pizza places in order to dissuade would-be robbers and keep employees safe. Still, people who order pizza try to pay with $100 bills too often, despite the driver's inability to make change. Redditor u/WeightSpirited9262 has a good line for when they find themselves in this situation: "I can only let you pay with this if you're feeling very generous. I only have $15 dollars in change."