Domino's Specialty Pizzas


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Domino's has brought back its best deal ever: 50% off all pizzas. It's a sale that pizza lovers look forward to a couple times each year, though the dates aren't announced ahead of time, making it a welcome surprise in email inboxes. 

As with previous half-off deals — the last one ran only about two months ago — this deal is available for a week. From Aug. 15-21, you can get double the amount of pizza you'd normally get for your money.

There's only two catches (if you can call them that) to get that sweet, sweet half-price MeatZZa: Only regular menu-priced pizzas are half price, so you can't order the famous $6 takeout deal and expect your pizzas to be $3, and you have to order your pizzas on the chain's website or app.

@dominos Get 50% off ALL menu-priced pizzas ordered online thru 6/12!! #dominospizza ♬ original sound - Domino’s Pizza

But that's not difficult, unlike patiently waiting while you stare at the pizza tracker. Just click Order Now on any of the many pop-ups and buttons advertising the 50% off deal on the website and add pizza to your cart. It works on any crusts, toppings, and specialty pizzas, but only pizzas — no extras like bread or lava cakes. 

If you have a regularly scheduled Friday pizza night, this deal just made your family's dinner a little easier on your wallet. And if you're on a budget and think eating pizza every day for a week would be a fun way to trim food costs (if not your waistline), then congratulations, because now's your moment to shine.

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