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Just in time for the second week of March Madness, Domino's has brought back its best deal ever: half off all regular-menu pizza prices.

The deal is running now and goes through Sunday, March 26. In order to get it, order online or on the Domino's app and use the 50% off coupon to add pizzas to your cart — it'll prompt you with a pop-up. It'll work on any size pizza with any crust or toppings. 

Domino's is known for its long-running $7 and $8 pizza deals, so how does this 50%-off coupon compare? Well, the chain quietly raised prices on those deals last fall. We crunched the numbers by ordering pizzas online at a location near Milwaukee, Wisc., and found that using the 50% off coupon is the best option in every case.

If you want a single 1-topping large pizza, you can get one anytime for $8 with the long-running carryout special. With the half-price deal,  the same pizza is only $7. Likewise, a medium 2-topping pizza purchased with the popular $7 Mix & Match deal would only cost you $6.37 with the half price coupon — and you wouldn't have to order a second to get the discount.

If your heart is set on a specialty pizza like the MeatZZa or Philly Cheese Steak, these 50% off weeks are the only time you're going to get a great deal on them. Specialty pizzas are not included in Domino's other popular deals, so take full advantage this week. A large specialty pizza will only cost you $8.50 right now.

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If you have someone following a gluten-free diet in your family, then you know that gluten-free pizzas can be pricey and are not normally included in deals. But Domino's gluten-free pizzas are included in the 50% off deal, making them only $6 for a 1-topping pie — $2 less than if you get one with the $8 carryout deal.

If you're hoping to get delivery while your eyes are glued to the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight games this weekend, then you're going to love the half-price deal as well. Many of Domino's other popular coupons don't apply to delivery orders, but you'll be able to score your pizzas half-price even if they're brought to your door.

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