43 Best Dollar Theaters Across the Country

Cinemark Greenwood Corner, Indianapolis, Indiana

Cinemark - Greenwood Corner/Yelp

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Cinemark Greenwood Corner, Indianapolis, Indiana
Cinemark - Greenwood Corner/Yelp

Worth the Wait

Back in the '80s, some movie theaters started showing second-run movies for the discount price of a dollar a ticket. They became known as dollar theaters by folks who didn't mind waiting a month or two to see a movie for less. These days, dollar theaters may charge around $2 to $3, but that's still a steal compared to AMCs and Regal Theaters that charge up to $20 a ticket, more for 3D or IMAX movies. Here are 30 discount theaters across the U.S.

Elvis Cinemas, Denver
Greg T./Yelp

Elvis Cinemas

At Elvis Cinemas, there are $4 evening shows and $3 matinees at all three Colorado locations (Arvada, Littleton, and Denver). Blockbuster movies in the rotation should appeal to the whole family, with a mix of superhero, horror,and animated family films. Sign up for their email newsletter to get a free small popcorn, and have your kid's next birthday party there for $15 a person for parties of 10 or more.

Regency Academy, Pasadena, California
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Regency Academy

Pasadena, California
In Los Angeles, where tickets run upwards of $15, a $3.50 ticket is a deal. See a movie at the Regency Academy before 6 p.m. and the price drops to $2.50. This unassuming storefront doesn't look like a movie theater from the outside, but inside it's a two-story venue with huge screens and stadium seating in the upper two houses. On Wednesdays, the "date night" special gets two tickets, two popcorns and two drinks for $10.

Edmond Town Hall, Newton, Connecticut
George H./Yelp

Edmond Town Hall

Newton, Connecticut
With $2 tickets, this single-screen theater only shows one movie at a time, but the schedule alternates between second-run blockbusters and one-day-only showings of classic films. The Edmond Town Hall seats 500, and though it's been around since 1930, the theater has been equipped with digital projection and state-of-the-art sound.

Apex Village 8, Louisville, Kentucky
Raymond B./Yelp

Apex Village 8

Louisville, Kentucky
The Apex Village 8 offers evening shows for $4 and matinees for $3. Seniors and children 11 and under always get the matinee price, and Tuesdays are $2 for everyone. Only Louisville-exclusive films demand the whopping price of $5 per ticket. There's a mix of studio and indie films at Apex. Check out their Sensory Film Series, where the theater turns the lights on and the sound down so families can sing and dance to the film.

Venture Cinemas, Duluth, Georgia
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Venture Cinemas

Duluth, Georgia
At Venture Cinemas, tickets are $3.50 for most movies with the exception of 3D films, which cost $5. With 12 screens there are many options. Thanks to the Santa Fe Mall location, it's a convenient location to do some post-show shopping.

Super Saver 8, Phoenix
Greg R./Yelp

Super Saver 8

Run by Silver Cinemas, Super Saver 8 was rated Phoenix's Best Budget Theater in 2013 by the Phoenix New Times. All shows are $3, except for Tuesdays, when prices drop to $1.50. The theater carries both summer blockbusters and indie fare.

Reel Theatre, Boise, Idaho
Jonah L./Yelp

Reel Theatre

Boise, Idaho
At the Reel Theatre chain's Country Club and Northgate locations, movies tickets sell for $3, with midnight screenings costing $2 and Tuesday tickets going for just $1. It's possible to buy tickets online, but there's an additional $1 service charge.

Cinemark Greenwood Corner, Indianapolis
Cinemark - Greenwood Corner/Yelp

Cinemark Greenwood Corner

At Cinemark, tickets are just $2.75 and the schedule has a mix of big studio movies and indie fare, as well as Spanish-language movie selections, too. Get deeper ticket discounts on Tuesdays ($1.75) and $2 Senior Mondays.

Danbarry Dollar Saver, Dayton, Ohio
Smythe G./Yelp

Danbarry Dollar Saver

Dayton, Ohio
With discount movie locations in both Dayton and Cincinnati, Danbarry Dollar Saver offers $3 adult tickets ($5 for 3D movies), plus $1.75 Tuesdays. Be forewarned — it's cash-only. On Rollback Wednesday, all concessions any sizes are only $2. Sign up for their email newsletter and get a free popcorn.

Bear Tooth Theatrepub, Anchorage
Cindy P./Yelp

Bear Tooth Theatrepub

Even Alaska, where many basic supplies can be pricey, has discount movies. Individual tickets at the Bear Tooth Theatrepub are priced as low as $4, but it's possible to splurge on reserved seats for $5. A two-person booth costs $11 and a 4-seater is $22. Add a dollar for 3D movies. Order an alcoholic beverage and sit on the main floor (which is restricted to 21 and over), but families are welcome in the balcony. There's only one movie at a time, but Bear Tooth rotates titles throughout the evening and all day on weekends.

Horizon Sun Valley, Glen Burnie, Maryland
Adam N./Yelp

Horizon Sun Valley

Glen Burnie, Maryland
Most theaters become dollar theaters after exclusively showing full-price, first-run films. Horizon Sun Valley was built as a discount house, so it's a modern complex with stadium-style seats in the back half of the theaters. Tickets are $4.50, though kids and seniors save a dollar.

New Hope Cinema Grill, New Hope, Minnesota
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New Hope Cinema Grill

New Hope, Minnesota
Not only do ticket holders get movies for $2 at New Hope Cinema Grill, but they also get to enjoy a full bar and grill while watching Hollywood hits before they're on Netflix. The Cinema Grill also hosts stand-up comedy acts. Those tickets run $20, but past headliners have included name comedians like Hal Sparks. Check out special showings like their summer family-film series, too.

Allen Park Cinemas, Allen Park, Michigan
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Allen Park Cinemas

Allen Park, Michigan
The tickets are only $1.50 at Allen Park Cinemas, but prices drop to just a dollar for matinees and tickets for weekend and holidays. There are five screens-worth of big studio options, too.

Keller 8, St. Louis
Amanda C./Yelp

Keller 8

St. Louis
This standalone movie complex has plenty of parking for its 2,500 seat capacity. Tickets for adults are $4, while kids and seniors over 60 pay just $3. The eight screens at the Keller 8 are usually dedicated to big studio movies, but include animated kids' fare, grown-up comedies, and everything in between.

Mann Hopkins Cinema 6, Hopkins, Minnesota
Bob A./Yelp

Mann Hopkins Cinema 6

Hopkins, Minnesota
Marvin and Ted Mann, who founded Mann Theatres, once owned the historic Chinese Theater in Hollywood for many years. Now Marvin's son Stephen owns The Hopkins 6, where he only charges $3 for general admission and $2.50 for matinees, seniors (60 and up), children (11 or younger), and everyone on Tuesdays.

Riverview Theater, Minneapolis
Monique H./Yelp

Riverview Theater

Tickets to watch movies on the single screen at the Riverview Theater only cost $3 for adults and $2 for matinees, kids under 11, seniors 62 and over, and everyone all day Tuesday. Since there's only one screen, the theater alternates titles so it's possible to pick from several movies every day. The Riverview only takes cash, but there is an ATM if you need to withdraw funds. Though it's upgraded with digital projection and state of the art sound, the Riverview still looks like a '50s neighborhood theater.

Westwood Cinema 8, Omaha
Andy P./Yelp

Westwood Cinema 8

Westwood Cinema 8 is cash-only, so try to bring exact change for their $3.25 tickets after 4 p.m., though don't panic if you forget — the theater does have an ATM. Matinees are only $2.50 and Tuesdays are a $2 special all-day. With a mix of big studio and indie movies, the Westwood 8 is great for date night — especially the theaters that have rocker loveseats.

Tropicana Cinemas, Las Vegas
George B./Yelp

Tropicana Cinemas

Las Vegas
It's hard to forget the name of this discount movie theater, since it shares its moniker with the famous hotel and casino. Regency Theaters runs the Tropicana Cinemas, so if you've lost your shirt gambling, it's possible to spend your last $2 on a movie (or $3.50 for 3D). Tickets are just $1 on Tuesdays.

Cinemark Movies 8, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Heide P./Yelp

Cinemark Movies 8

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Two Cinemark locations in Albuquerque offer discount prices — $3 tickets on weekends with $2.25 matinees, $2.75 weeknight screenings, and $2.25 matinees. The Movies West location also has $1 tickets on Wednesdays.

Dipson McKinley 6 Theatre, Buffalo, New York
Diane H./Yelp

Dipson McKinley 6 Theatre

Buffalo, New York
Evening tickets start at $3 Friday through Sunday and $2.50 weekdays, with a $1 surcharge for 3D at Dipson McKinley 6 Theatre. On Tuesdays select movies have reduced-price tickets, and popcorn and sodas are half price. Try a season pass for an entire year of unlimited movies for $450, although you'd have to see 150 movies to break even.

Oak Park Theater, Minot, North Dakota
Ryan R./Yelp

Oak Park Theater

Minot, North Dakota
All shows at the Oak Park Theater are $3, or get 10 tickets for $25. For $4 get any competitor's popcorn bucket filled, so savvy movie lovers have a reason to save AMC and Regal tubs. A 2011 flood nearly closed the Oak Park for good, but community support allowed it to reopen in 2016.

AMC Classic North Park 7, Oklahoma City
Carly N./Yelp

AMC Classic Northpark 7

Oklahoma City
Cheap tickets are rare at AMC Theaters, even for their second-run AMC Classics location. North Park is a true steal with $1.99 tickets. This theater is located in the middle of North Park Mall and used to be a Starplex Cinemas. When AMC took over, it was kept as a discount house.

Mt. Hood Theater, Gresham, Oregon

Mt. Hood Theater

Gresham, Oregon
Adults in Gresham only pay $4.50 for tickets at the Mt. Hood Theater, and local children, military, and seniors save a buck off of that price. Tuesday tickets are $2.50 for everyone. The theater has a coffee shop, and the single screen alternates between kiddie movies during the day and more grown-up fare or movies for the whole family at night. Sign up for their e-newsletter to get a free small popcorn.

Roxy Theatre, Northampton, Pennsylvania
Kirk A./Yelp

Roxy Theatre

Northampton, Pennsylvania
This single house makes space for both live shows and movies. When it's a movie theater, tickets are only $3, and cash-only. There's free parking behind the theater. Concessions are a bargain with popcorn costing up to $3.25, drinks priced up to $2.75, candy running $2 and under, and bottled water available for a dollar. Restored in 2010, the Roxy has been around since 1921, seats 650, and still has an organ in need of an organist.

East Providence 10, East Providence, Rhode Island
Robert S./Yelp

East Providence 10

East Providence, Rhode Island
The deals at the East Providence 10 include $3 tickets, and $2 tickets on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Subscribe to their newsletter for half price tickets. The theaters have both stadium-style houses and old-school slanted floor-style theaters, too.

Spotlight Cinemas, St. Andrews, South Carolina
Rachel O./Yelp

Spotlight Cinemas

St. Andrews, South Carolina
All shows at Spotlight Cinemas are $3 and play with digital projection and Dolby 7.1 sound. Seats are stadium style so you don't have to worry about tall people sitting in front of you. You can use credit cards with a minimum charge of $5, so two tickets has you covered.

West Mall 7, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

West Mall 7

Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Watch 4K projection in rocker seats with plenty of legroom for only $3.50 a ticket at West Mall 7. After Carmike Cinemas dropped the West Mall 7 in 2001, independent owners have kept it going as a discount house.

AMC Classic Windsor Square 7, Knoxville, Tennessee
Paisley T./Yelp

AMC Classic Windsor Square 7

Knoxville, Tennessee
Finish shopping at the Windsor Square Plaza, then enjoy a movie for $2.50 a ticket at the Windsor Square 7. AMC runs this seven-screen house that's equipped with the latest digital projectors. Take advantage of deals like popcorn bucket refills for $4.49 and $1 hot dogs.

Cinemark 10, Plano, Texas
Adolfo A./Yelp

Cinemark 10

Plano, Texas
Since it opened in 1994, the Cinemark 10 has been the place to go for cheap movie ticket prices. Even in 2018, tickets only cost $2.50 for evenings, $2 for matinees, and $1.25 all-day Tuesdays.

Kaysville Theater, Kaysville, Utah
Cody T./Yelp

Kaysville Theater

Kaysville, Utah
A local family business, the Kaysville Theater charges $4 for Friday and Saturday nights, and only $3 for any weeknight or matinee starting before 6 p.m. While other discount houses sell tickets cheap only to sell pricey treats at the concession stand, the Kaysville has popcorn for $5 and under, drinks from $2 to $3 and candy from $1 to $3. Get a kids' pack with a little of everything for $3. Locals rave about the popcorn, and there's a kids' playroom for the little ones too.

Byrd Theatre, Richmond, Virginia
Wyatt G./Yelp

Byrd Theatre

Richmond, Virginia
With one screen, the Byrd Theatre has different movies every day, usually changing films between the 7:15 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. screenings. Sometimes the Byrd shows classic movies instead of new releases, though either ticket is priced at $4. The theater doesn't show previews, but not all movies start exactly on time — some screenings of classic films start with a live organ performance.

Crest Cinema Center, Seattle

Crest Cinema Center

The most you'll ever pay for an evening show at the Crest is $4. Since The Crest is a Landmark theater, it has a special "in" with indie filmmakers. For further information on the movies showing at The Crest, it's possible to read letters from the filmmakers on the Crest website.

Fox III $ Savers Theater, Casper, Wyoming
Fox III $ Savers Theatre/Yelp

Fox III $ Savers Theater

Casper, Wyoming
The Fox III only charges adults $3.50, while kids 2 to 12, seniors 60 and over, and military save 75 cents. There are three screens, but each one often alternates between two movies, giving ticket-buyers five or six choices. The screens are curved like the screens at classic movie houses, and romantics will want to get to the theater early to claim a love seat.

AMC Classic Lorna Ridge 10, Hoover, Alabama
Linda R./Yelp

AMC Classic Lorna Ridge 10

Hoover, Alabama
An AMC discount house under their Classic brand, the Lorna Ridge 10 has all tickets for $1.99. Formerly a Carmike Cinemas theater, AMC inherited this location when they bought the chain and have kept it open as a discount theater.

Century Gateway, Tucson, Arizona
Cat R./Yelp

Century Gateway

Tucson, Arizona
A 12-screen house run by Cinemark, the Century Gateway has a healthy selection of indies and big studio movies. Tickets are $3.50 for adults on weeknights, $3 for children and seniors, and $1.75 all-day on Tuesdays.

The Last Picture Show, Tamarac, Florida
Alex R./Yelp

The Last Picture Show

Tamarac, Florida
This theater used to operate as the Tamarac 5, but the latest owners have made sure it stands apart as The Last Picture Show. Named after the classic Jeff Bridges and Cybill Shepherd movie, the theater has updated its seats and technical specs to showcase the latest films. Even with five screens, the staggered matinee and evening showtimes make it possible for the theater to offer up to nine movies a day for $5.50. Kids and seniors save 50 cents on the adult price, and Tuesdays are $2.50 all day.

Cinemark 20, Merriam, Kansas
Steve D./Yelp

Cinemark 20

Merriam, Kansas
The Cinemark 20 is not quite a second-run house, but it's possible to get $7 tickets for opening weekends. Military save $1 and kids and seniors are only $4.50. With 20 screens to choose from, there's likely something you want to see playing.

St. Andrews Cinema, St. Charles, Missouri
Emma B./Yelp

St. Andrews Cinema

St. Charles, Missouri
Tickets for all shows at St. Andrews Cinema are only $1. Concession specials include $1 popcorn on Mondays, $3 nachos on Tuesdays, and $1 drinks on Wednesdays. Hot dogs are only a buck every day too. The theater accepts cash and credit cards but not checks.

Rialto II Theater, Geneva, Nebraska
Rialto II Theater

Rialto II Theater

Geneva, Nebraska
While the $4 tickets at the Rialto II are a bargain (as are the $3 tickets for seniors and kids from up to 8th grade), this community theater is only open Saturdays and Sundays for one movie at a time. But if you go, popcorn and sodas are no more than $3.50 for the largest size, and kids packs are available for $4.

Cinemark Raleigh Grande, Raleigh, North Carolina
Kevin M./Yelp

Cinemark Raleigh Grande

Raleigh, North Carolina
The Cinemark Raleigh Grande is one of several Cinemark discount movie theaters in North Carolina. Tickets are only $3 and $1.50 on Tuesdays. The theater even shows Bollywood movies mixed in with their lineup of studio and indie hits.

AMC Classic Blueridge 14, Raleigh, North Carolina
Jean K./Yelp

AMC Classic Blueridge 14

Raleigh, North Carolina
Most AMC Classic theaters show second-run movies on the cheap, but the Blueridge 14 has choices that include new releases on their opening weekend for $6.99. Save $2 on matinees before 4 p.m. Children 2 to 12 get tickets for $4.99, but there is no senior discount.

Cinema Theater, Rochester, New York

Cinema Theater

Rochester, New York
It's only one screen, but the Cinema Theater in Rochester delivers a double feature for $7 every night. Too much? Choose just one matinee for $5. There's even a cat in the theater to keep movie buffs company. Sometimes the theater will show classics, too.

Movies 10, Rochester, New York
Max K./Yelp

Movies 10

Rochester, New York
This former Cinemark was reopened by Zurich Cinemas to offer $4 tickets with tickets on Tuesday going for $2 all day. Sign up for the Movies 10 email newsletter to get a free small popcorn.