20 Companies Where You Can Bring Your Dog To Work


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Happy female employee holding her dog at the office
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It's no secret that a dog is man's best friend. And what's better than being able to bring your best friend to work with you? Pets in the office can reduce perceived stress and make employees more relaxed, according to research. A pet-friendly workplace has another potential perk for dog owners: spending less on pet-sitting expenses. Of course, not every workplace is appropriate for pets. And not every dog has the temperament to be around other people and pets all day. But for some lucky people and pets, these 20 dog-friendly companies are great places to work.
Kimpton hotel employees with a dog
Photo credit: Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants/facebook.com


The trendy hotel chain Kimpton was founded by animal lover Bill Kimpton, who was often seen in the office with his sidekick Chianti, a collie. Today employees are allowed to bring their furry friends to work, and even guests staying at the the hotels can bring their dogs. What's more, Kimpton also provides employees with pet insurance, bereavement leave in the event of a pet death and a variety of workplace amenities for four-legged friends such as treats and toys.
Atlantic Health employee with her dog and a patient in the hospital
Photo credit: Atlantic Health System/facebook.com


One of the largest non-profit healthcare systems in New Jersey, Atlantic Health is made up of six medical centers, rehabilitation and physician practices. Recognizing that pet therapy is a proven stress reduction tool that can help ease a rough day at work, Atlantic Health offers a "Soothing Paws" program for patients, that was expanded to include all employees, including those in the system's administrative offices. Employee's dogs can become a certified part of the pet team for Atlantic Health.
VMWare employee sitting with her dog
Photo credit: Courtesy of blogs.vmware.com


VMWare is just one of many Silicon Valley companies that has an extremely friendly pet policy. Those who bring their dogs must simply comply with an etiquette agreement. The company also offers pet insurance for its workers as part of its benefits package.
Dog looking at this reflection on the roof at the Alphabet offices
Photo credit: Google/facebook.com


A dog's life at the office doesn't get much better then at Alphabet, also known as Google. The company's code of conduct clearly spells out its affection for all canine friends, describing them as "an integral facet of our corporate culture." Cats, however, are not allowed.
Woman wearing her pajamas with her dog at the Amazon office
Photo credit: Amazon.com/facebook.com


It's hard to be more pet friendly than free dog biscuits at the reception desk and doggie water fountains around its Seattle offices. The mega online retailer has long touted its dog-friendly cred, and they even devote a special web page to the Dogs of Amazon.
Dog sitting at a desk at the Build-A-Bear offices
Photo credit: Build-A-Bear Workshop/facebook.com


Bears, dogs….Build-a-Bear loves them both. And that love translates into allowing employees to bring their canine friends to work. There's a "Doggy On-Boarding" agreement that must be signed, which outlines etiquette. But after that, Rover is free to join you on the job. Additional dog perks include puppy parties in celebration of your dog's birthday, doggie treats and even a canine concierge program that will take your dog to the day spa for grooming.
Dog on a leash outside in front of a sign for an Etsy office event
Photo credit: Etsy/facebook.com


At the Brooklyn and San Francisco offices of Etsy, dogs are part of the effort to create a casual, creative environment. Furry friends are referred to as "the canine operations team." The company's dog-friendly office policy has been in place since Etsy first set up shop in 2005. "Bringing our dogs to work helps keep spirits high and fosters a sense of community and connection that is paramount to what Etsy is all about," says the company.
Dog sitting in front of the receptionist desk at the Possible office
Photo credit: POSSIBLE/facebook.com


Possible is a web development and marketing company in Portland, Oregon, a very dog-friendly city. Possible loves its dogs (like Grits), and workers are allowed to schedule playtime occasionally for their dogs in the office. They're even understanding when the pups do their own business in the office.
Employees at Zygna sitting on a couch with a dog
Photo credit: Zynga Inc./facebook.com


Zynga's generous pet policy, spelled out on the company's benefits page, includes pet insurance and treats for your pets. There's even rooftop dog parks at certain locations. At this San Francisco gaming company, every day is bring-your-dog-to-work day!
Dog sitting in front of the Autodesk office sign
Photo credit: The Innovation and Design Building/facebook.com


Known for its design software, which is used by engineers and architects, Autodesk is another company that loves its dogs and encourages employees to bring them to work. The company's policy also includes providing pet insurance discounts. And those discounts aren't just limited to canines. They also cover cats, birds, and even ferrets.
Woman working at a Mars office with her dog in her lap
Photo credit: Mars, Incorporated/facebook.com


Did you know that Mars, the Virginia-based candy maker, also produces pet food? Little wonder that the company is pet-friendly. Additional perks include pet feeding and boarding programs. What's more, the company's annual Halloween costume event includes a category for canines in costume.
Small dog sitting on a desk in front of a computer at a Salesforce office
Photo credit: Salesforce/facebook.com


Salesforce, a cloud-based software company, is another San Francisco company that loves its mutts. In 2014, they created Puppyforce, a special dog-friendly workspace where up to six employees can work with their dogs in a communal setting. The room includes sound-proofed walls, water bowls, padded cages, dog beds, and more. As if that's not enough, the company also provides pet insurance discounts, dog walking, pet supplies and vet house calls.
Happy dog in front of the Ben and Jerry's office wall
Photo credit: Ben & Jerry's/facebook.com


The Vermont ice cream company loves dogs nearly as much as dessert. Its offices are dog-friendly, and each member of its "K9 crew" is featured on the company's website. You'll find photos and cute profiles of each crew member.

Workday employee with her dog receiving a certificate
Photo credit: Workday/facebook.com


At this company, which makes finance and human resources software, workers can bring their dogs to work or get financial assistance for pet adoptions. The company also hosts a party once a year for all of its four-legged friends.
Mashable employee with his dogs at the office
Photo credit: Mashable/facebook.com


At media company Mashable, dogs are always welcome. For the annual Bring Your Dog to Work Day, Mashable encourages its pet-owning workers to share selfies on social media at the office.
Talking Dog Media employee with his dog on the beach
Photo credit: Talking Dog Media/facebook.com


With "Dog" as their middle name, it makes perfect sense that canines would be welcome here. Bellevue, Washington-based design company Talking Dog Media encourages employees to bring their canine friends. The company also offers squeak toys, beds, and water bowls to make four-legged friends comfortable.
Woman hugging dog at a Rover office
Photo credit: Rover.com/facebook.com


Rover, the Uber of the pet-sitting and dog-walking world, welcomes dogs at its Seattle headquarters. The company says about 30 pups are on the job at any given time, and dogs are even welcome during meetings. There are annual holiday photo shoots, the office fridge is stocked with plenty of treats, and the company even provides $1,000 to employees who want to adopt or foster a dog.
Black dog at a Purina office
Photo credit: Purina/facebook.com


Workers at this pet-food giant can bring dogs or cats to the office. As the company says on its website, "At Purina, we've noticed many benefits. For example, bringing a dog to work helps us get outside and take more walks, and bringing a cat gives us another excuse to play," states the company. Beyond that, Purina says bringing a pet to work helps employees maintain a healthy work-life balance. What's more, Purina has found that it is a perk that leads to staff retention.
Employee walking dog in front of Blizzard sign
Photo credit: Blizzard/facebook.com


Pets are an important part of life at the gaming company behind "World of Warcraft." There are more than 750 pets registered at Blizzard, with more than half at the company's Irvine, California office. All registered pets get an official Blizzard pet tag. There's even an annual "Pet Parents Day," during which pet insurance providers and local vets come to the company's campus to provide free health screenings, insurance quotes and treats.
Employee and dog at an Orvis office
Photo credit: Orvis/facebook.com


Everything about Orvis is dog-friendly, from the company's Vermont headquarters to its retail outlets. Orvis headquarters recently adopted a dog-friendly policy and employees are much happier, a company spokesperson says. Having their best furry friend at work encourages employees to get out of the office and enjoy fresh air throughout the day.

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