DIWhy? The 10 Worst Do-It-Yourself Projects We Found This Week

DIY repair

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Homemade Spray Bottle
Teknicsrx7 / Reddit


DIY (do-it-yourself) projects are a great way to save money and learn new skills. However, sometimes the result can be disastrous if not done properly. Poorly executed DIY projects can lead to costly mistakes or even dangerous situations. While the mistakes can result in hilarious stories, they can also lead to greater expenses than if a professional had been hired in the first place. Here are the 10 funniest DIY fails we found on the DiWhy subreddit.

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Cemented Status
OinkEsFabuloso / Reddit
Extra Storage
Kindawg / Reddit

Extra Storage

Sometimes there just ain’t enough room in the trunk (or van), but fret not — just strap everything onto the outside and off you go. Our advice? Don’t drive behind this guy.

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PAtPetPitPotPut / Reddit


Who said you can’t engineer your own turbine to soup up your ride? While Redditors can’t quite agree whether this DIY project was meant to minimize wind drafts to save on gas or increase speed, the consensus was clear: The design leaves a lot to be desired.

Light It Up
Machinefun / Reddit

Light It Up

Sure, the car technically has “four lights,” says one Redditor. But if we’re being real, this setup probably won’t help much while driving in very dark conditions. “Unfortunately this is probably very stupid at anything over five miles an hour,” adds another user.

Makeshift Razors
Machinefun / Reddit

The Worst a Man Can Get

Is Gillette suing for this? Because we can’t decide whether this is genius or outrageous. “The hair on my face just fell off from fear. Great work,” jokes one Redditor.

Homemade Spray Bottle
Teknicsrx7 / Reddit

Thinking Outside the Bottle

This Redditor’s makeshift spray bottle creation using a rubber band and a plastic water bottle has got users cracking up. “In fairness, have you seen how expensive spray bottles have gotten recently? And it's generally the bottle part that breaks,” says one user.

‘Universal’ Charger

‘Universal’ Fire Hazard

This revamped charger looks every bit as intimidating as it does dangerous. Not only are magnets and batteries involved, it also looks like it could blow up at any moment with all the wires sticking out of it. “​​Behold! A fire marshal’s field day!” writes one user.

Rockin’ Out

Restroom Rock

This guitar, made from a toilet bowl seat, has sparked some hysterical puns. Is it a “banjo or a baño?” one user joked, while another adds, “I dunno, I bet it sounds like sh*t.”

Just Crop It?
And_so_she_says / Reddit

Someone Call the Fashion Police

At first glance, this crop top actually looks quite stylish until you take a closer look and realize it’s made by patching together Nike socks. “You'd still lose it in the dryer,” jokes one user. 

Improvising Is the Name of the Game
TheCoon46 / Reddit

Upon Further Reflection ...

Sometimes, when you're tight on cash, coming up with creative solutions is the way to go. “I did this to my last car after I got side swiped while parked,” writes one Redditor, adding, “When you don’t got money to fix it, you gotta improvise!”