11 DIY Dog Beds Your Pup Will Love

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No Need To Ruff It

DIY dog beds are a great way to save money while providing your furry bestie with a comfortable place to sleep. By making your own dog bed, you can customize it to your desired size and shape — all while controlling the cost and materials. You can also easily replace parts as needed, rather than having to buy a completely new bed every time. Let's take a look at some of the most creative DIY dog beds from crafty dog owners. 

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Young Cream Colored Male French Bulldog Sitting In A Tire And Looking At The Camera

Using an Old Tire

With just a few materials plus a bit of time and effort, you can turn an old tire into a durable and stylish bed for your pooch. To start, clean and sand the tire to remove any dirt or grime. Then stuff the tire with comfortable materials such as old blankets, pillows, or foam. You can use rope or heavy-duty fabric to secure the stuffing in place and create a snug, secure bed for your pet. If desired, you can even paint the tire for a fun and unique touch — all while helping the environment by using recycled materials. 

Tutorial: Practically Functional

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Crate Table

Wood Pet Kennel That Doubles as a Side Table

A wooden dog kennel that doubles as a side table? Talk about crafty. To recreate this kennel, start by using wood planks to build a sturdy frame; the size of the kennel will depend on the size of your dog, but it should be large enough for your pet to comfortably stand, turn around, and lie down in. Next, line the bottom of the kennel with blankets and cover it with a removable cushion. Your pooch will love having his own little house. 

Tutorial: Ana White

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Corner Table Crate

Hide-a-Bed Using Old Furniture

This hide-a-table dog bed made using old furniture is a clever and stylish DIY project that your pooch will surely love. Start by selecting an end table with a solid top and sturdy base. You can then remove the cabinet door and build a frame that fits inside the table base. By repurposing old furniture, you can make the most of your space while also providing your furry friend with a cozy place to rest. 

Tutorial: 86 Lemons

Wine Barrel Dog Bed

Recycled Wine Barrel

Do they make these for humans? Because sign me up. To make this adorable and stylish DIY dog bed, you'll need to remove the head of the barrel and sand down any rough edges or splinters. Next, add a foam cushion or a layer of blankets to the bottom of the barrel to create a comfortable surface for your pooch. You can then choose to add legs to the bottom of the barrel to raise it off the ground, or leave it as is for a more rustic feel. 

Tutorial: The Owner Builder Network

Suitcase Dog Bed

Stylish Vintage Bed Using a Recycled Suitcase

This one's perfect for frequent travelers and their four-legged babies. Start by finding a sturdy, vintage suitcase and clean it thoroughly. Remove the hinges inside and discard the top half of the suitcase. Place an old pillow and tuck in the corners to create a cozy bed. To finish, try painting the outside or adding decals or stickers to give your transformed dog bed a fun and whimsical touch. 

Tutorial: Mox and Fodder

Dog Murphy Bed

Murphy Dog Bed

Ideal for minimalists or those who want to keep their homes looking extra tidy, this pull-out doggy bed can be folded away to prevent clutter. To recreate it, gather wooden planks, screws, a cushion or mattress, and drawer slides. Cut the wooden planks to size and assemble them into a frame, then attach the drawer slides to the underside of the frame and the drawer itself. Finally, sand the surface, line the inside with the cushion, and you've got a comfortable and functional pull-out bed for your pooch. 

Tutorial: Room for Tuesday

Little Red Wagon

Little Red Wagon Bed

To turn an old wagon into an adorable retro dog bed, start by removing the wheels, axles, and handle. Clean and sand the wagon to prepare it for painting or staining. Once the wagon is prepped, add adhesive pads to the bottom to prevent the cushion from sliding out. Finally, you can decorate the wagon with paint or add any additional features — such as a canopy or small steps — to help your dog climb in and out. 

Tutorial: Country Living

Platform Dog Bed

Woven Platform Dog Bed

Building an elevated platform for man's best friend just seems right. To make this woven bed, start by constructing the frame using dowels to form a rectangular or square shape with four legs. Weave the nylon cord through to create the platform while ensuring that the cords are taut and evenly spaced. Cut the fabric strips into long pieces and weave them through the platform to create a comfortable and sturdy surface. Finally, trim any excess fabric and secure the ends with knots. 

Tutorial: Wouldn't It Be Lovely

TV Console Dog Bed

Converted TV Console

If you've got an old TV console just collecting dust in the basement, give this simple DIY project a try. All you have to do is rip out any remaining electronic guts and clean out the inside. If the console has doors or drawers, you can remove them or leave them open for your dog to easily access their bed. Next, line the inside with comfy cushions and blankets — and maybe even hang a picture or two! 

Tutorial: Decor Home Ideas

End Table Dog Bed

Upside Down Nightstand Bed

Just imagine your furry baby curled up inside this Victorian-styled bed complete with ornate bed posts. Start by removing any drawers and hardware, then flip the nightstand (use a medium-sized end table for larger dogs) upside down so that the top is now facing the ground. Add a cushion or bed to the bottom of the nightstand, filling any gaps with foam or stuffing. The size of the cushion will depend on the dimensions of the nightstand, so you may need to cut or custom-make a cushion to fit. 

Tutorial: Southern Revivals

Geometric Pet Bed

Geometric Indoor Dog or Cat House

While this one will require more handy work, it's cooler than any room I've ever had. First, measure and cut wood planks to form the geometric shapes of your choosing such as triangles, rectangles or squares. Then assemble the pieces using screws and a drill — ensuring that the joints are secure and sturdy and covering them with wooden caps so your furry friend won't get hurt by scraping against them. 

Tutorial: Homemade Modern