Copycat Recipes of Your Favorite Discontinued Fast-Food Menu Items

Discontinued fast food

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McDonald's Fried Apple Pie
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Bring 'Em Back Yourself

There have been so many letdowns in the fast-food realm by way of discontinuation. It's almost as if these chains enjoy disappointing the masses. Often, these discontinued items end up making a triumphant comeback to drive up sales, but there are some menu items we will probably never get back. 

So how about recreating them in our home kitchens instead? Check out these copycat recipes to get you through some of fast food's most heartbreaking discontinuations.

KFC's potato wedges
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1. KFC: Potato Wedges

We can admit that the current fries at KFC are pretty decent, but if we're being completely honest, they're nothing compared to the O.G. potato wedges. This recipe is practically doing the work of angels by bringing those perfectly-seasoned, just-crispy-enough wedges back into our bellies.

Recipe: Dinner Then Dessert

McDonald's Fried Apple Pie
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2. McDonald's: Fried Apple Pie

The stalwart apple pie that's still available on Mickey D's menu is all good, well, and fine, but it lacks that extra crispiness that its deep fried, discontinued sister pie offered. This recipe looks a bit more like a traditional hand pie than the McDonald's version, but as long as the taste and texture are spot on, we're on board.


McDonald's McSalad Shakers

3. McDonald's: McSalad Shakers

There are tons of salad-in-a-jar recipes swirling around the internet these days, but if you want to get as close to the McSalad Shakers as possible, this blog post suggests heading to eBay, where you can find the actual cups for sale. We love lunchtime with a side of nostalgia. 

Recipe: Dinosaur Dracula

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Burger King Angry Whopper
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McDonald's: Szechuan Sauce

5. McDonald's: Szechuan Sauce

The Szechaun sauce has only been released a couple of times as part of different promotions, but any time it rolls out, it's met with some serious fanfare. Thanks to this recipe, there's no need to peruse the depths of eBay for a sauce container of the stuff or wait until the next random Szechaun drop. 

Recipe: The Food Hacker

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Caramel Apple Empanadas
Taco Bell
KFC Double Down

7. KFC: Double Down

Should you want to increase your cholesterol levels from the comfort of your own home, you can do so by way of this Double Down copycat recipe. Best of luck to your arteries. 


McDonald's: McRib

8. McDonald's: McRib

The McDonald's McRib has to be one of the most polarizing fast-food menu items of all time. Some people are perplexed by it. Others are disgusted. And some are super into it to the point that they might find this recipe a comfort during the McRib's latest bout with discontinuation. 

Recipe: Mashed

Burger King: Cheesy Tots
Burger King

9. Burger King: Cheesy Tots

Cheesy tots are probably the best thing that has ever come out of Burger King's menu, but for some reason they lacked staying power. No matter, because they're simple and easy to make at home. 

Recipe: The Food XP