Digital Calendar Clock


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During the pandemic shutdown, does it seem as if one day runs into the next — just as Phil Conners, Bill Murray's character in the 1993 film "Groundhog Day," was stuck in an endless loop of the same day? Were you shocked to realize what month it was, or maybe just laughed bitterly at the joke about April having 3,000 days? If you thought Tuesday was Monday until you realized you missed an important Zoom meeting or worse, trash collection, you might benefit from a purchase some seniors have been using to keep their days straight, regardless of your age: a digital calendar day clock

An online search of "digital clock" or "digital calendar day clock" will bring up a wide assortment of clocks that display not only the time, but the day, date, month, and even the year, all in a large font. Many of the clocks allow you to set multiple alarms to remind you — audibly, visually, and in the language of your choice — of important tasks and events (that Zoom call won't get lost in the shuffle again). 

While these clocks were initially intended to help seniors with memory loss, anyone who is losing track of time (or has gotten tired of reminding their child that, yes, it really is Wednesday, just as it was the last four times you said it) will appreciate one of these. Be aware that different clocks have different features, despite how similar they look — some are plug-in and others are battery-operated, for example. The only downside of getting one of these clocks? You won't have an easy excuse for spacing out about that next Zoom meeting

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