These Dessert 'Salads' Don't Have a Single Vegetable in Them

Dessert salad

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Dessert salad
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Salad Goes Sweet

What even defines a salad now, anyways? There are traditional, healthy salads made with leafy greens, but also pasta salads, chicken salads, and fruit salads. Who's to say we can't have dessert salad?

These 10 recipes are a testament to the fact that if you mix up a bunch of ingredients in a bowl, you can call it a salad. Made with whipped cream, canned fruit, marshmallows, and, yes, even candy bars, these dessert salads are sure to be a hit at your next dinner party or potluck.

Vintage Ambrosia Salad

1. Ambrosia Salad

The O.G. of fruit-forward dessert salads, ambrosia salad is a creamy concoction that most commonly includes pineapple, mandarin oranges, cherries, coconut, and mini marshmallows. Some versions may also include sour cream, whipped cream, nuts, and additional fruit. "Ambrosia" refers to "fruit of the Gods" in Greek mythology, and for those who love this dish, it's a fitting name for the sweet salad.

Recipe: My Baking Addiction

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Homemade Green Pistachio Fluff Dessert

2. Watergate Salad

A popular '70s dish, this dessert salad is comprised of five ingredients: pistachio Jell-O instant pudding mix, crushed pineapple, miniature marshmallows, chopped nuts, and Cool Whip. The pistachio pudding mix gives the salad its distinct green hue, but that's the only evidence of greens you'll find here. No veggies allowed.

Recipe: Moms on Timeout

Glorified Rice is a cold dessert salad made with rice, crushed pineapple, maraschino cherries, and marshmallows tossed with a whipped cream close-up in a plate. Horizontal

3. Hawaiian Cheesecake Fluff Dessert Salad

If you thought "cheesecake" and "salad" couldn't coexist in a dish name, think again. This tropical concoction is a medley of cream cheese, condensed milk, various forms of pineapple, marshmallows, shredded coconut, and more sweet ingredients. It definitely belongs on the dessert table.

Recipe: The Kitchen Magpie

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Red Jello

4. Coca-Cola Jello Salad

I don't even know what to make of this monstrosity. Do you have a Jell-O mold? Great, here's what you're going to do: Boil cherry pie filling, water, and sugar together in a saucepan, stir in a couple packets of gelatin powder, then cool the mixture for 30 to 45 minutes in the fridge. Before it's set, add Coca-Cola and crushed pineapple, pour into a Jell-O mold, and chill for four hours. Tell me what it tastes like.

Recipe: House of Nash Eats

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Snickers candy bars
Homemade Strawberry Pretzel Salad
Layered Jello Salad at an Iowa Picnic

7. 7-Layer Gelatin Salad

Forget seven-layer bean dip. This dessert salad features seven layers of various Jell-O flavors and colors, a veritable rainbow of jiggly gelatin, evaporated milk, whipped cream, and sliced fruit. Just make sure you serve it in a glass dish so that everyone can get a glimpse of those colorful layers.

Recipe: Taste of Home

Vintage Ambrosia Salad

8. Orange Fluff Salad

Bright, citrusy, and — you guessed it — stuffed full of marshmallows, the orange fluff salad is an easy way to use up those cans of mandarin oranges sitting in the back of the pantry. You could use fresh mandarin oranges, too, but let's not kid ourselves — you probably won't taste the difference once they're buried under all that Jell-O and whipped cream.

Recipe: Crayons & Cravings

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Almond dessert
Marina Indova/istockphoto

9. Oreo Fluff Dessert Salad

Oreo lovers won't want to miss out on this recipe, which uses a whopping 30 Oreo cookies. Vanilla pudding, Cool Whip, milk, and marshmallows round out the rest of the ingredients, resulting in a black and white treat that is sure to stand out at the dessert table. 

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yogurt with fruit

10. Frog Eye Salad

Not only does this dessert have a bizarre name, but it also has a curious ingredient: pasta. Specifically, acini di pepe pasta, a tiny pasta that resembles couscous. Once you've prepared the pasta, mix it with a pineapple-infused custard, chill, and add canned fruit and whipped topping. After another stint in the fridge, it'll be ready to go. 

Recipe: Chelsea's Messy Apron

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